Robert Frost

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Robert Frost, a great literary writer found a way to use nature as a tool to express human experiences. Throughout the course of his life he has inspired writers and created a new view on how we as humans view nature and the world around us. Robert Frost has been known to be a complicated poet because he did not focus so much on weather a line rhymed. Frost wrote deliberately to paint a picture or create a story for his readers. He wrote with care to express what he was truly feeling. Most of his poems are written with undertones that would require the reader to look deeper into what was written. When most poems are examined more in depth Frost becomes much more complex, showing that there is a deeper and sometimes darker undertone to the engaging words of the poems. Frost had experienced pain and tragedy, with many deaths of family members, during his life. He finds that his suffering makes the thought of death both fascinating and tempting. Frost considers death but has decided to pursue life and the choices that one faces along life’s paths. Frost uses his greatest inspiration, nature, to tell stories of happiness, tragedy and pain.
Nature is the one thing that remains constant. It continues to flow and carry on through good and bad. I feel that Frost noticed this and found a way to connect and mimic nature’s process: the circle of life. In nature this includes life and death. After the cycle of death, nature creates anew and continues to blossom and bloom. As the seasons change and flowers wither and die, they are renewed and bloomed again in spring by the continual force on nature. This allowed Frost to except the many deaths in his life, which drove him to the points of suicide. The brilliant poet who joked about his seriousness struggled with the trials of life and death. His statement, "I'm never serious except when I'm fooling” shows that…...