Robert Frost

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Robert Frost’s in “The Path Not Taken,” Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path,” and Jean

Rhys’s “I Used to Live Here Once, ” focus on a common theme that is “Journey.” Although

these three works of literature have a similar theme, each has a different point of view. Each of

these show different paths and journey’s in which life may change. Although they are different,

all three literatures have a common denominator. Each of these show the reader that regardless

of which path in life a person chooses to take, life will always bring hurdles, and unexpected

events along the way. Each of the three literatures offers different symbolism, characters, and

historical context, although the theme of the three literatures is the same.

Different people symbolize the definition of journey differently. While some people

perceive a journey as a form of distance that they travel, many people forget that a journey may

be a measurement or a milestone of progress in the making, and advancement in completing

goals. As many people focus on the journey of the destination, they forget to recognize the

accomplishments they are making along the way. The elation and excitement of an

unpredictable expedition allow people to learn positive and negative things of different people

one may meet while travelling and exploring different places that changes their though process,

perceptions and ideas which later which certainly change a person individually. Journey is

described differently by different authors and poets. The following authors described journey

explicitly and vividly in the literature works of Robert Frost in “The Path Not Taken,” Eudora

Welty’s “A Worn Path,”and Jean Rhys’s “I Used to Live Here Once.”…...