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Robi Hr Planning

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Broad Objective:

The main objective of the report is to know about the whole organization including its whole HR activities, its each and every part of HR planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection process and forecasting.

Specific Objective:

• To find how this company maintains its HR activities.

• To know about the methods how this company collects the information for job analysis and what are the methods it follows for conducting job analysis.

• To know what are the major elements of recruitment and selections process and how these processes are conducted.

• To know how this company forecasts its employee needs.


This report is about the whole HR activities of Robi Axiata Ltd. The mixture of practical and theoretical portions about the HR strategy, Job analysis, Recruitment and Selection process and demand supply forecasting are discussed here. This report gives a broad idea about the methods and techniques used in HR planning. Moreover how this company improves and cope up with the change of the external environment are also presented.


Primary Sources:

The primary source of collecting data for making this report was taking a face to face interview of an HR official. We took a list of questions and got answers by asking him directly.

Secondary Sources:

The secondary sources of information collection were different websites, magazines, journals, books and other relevant sources.

Both primary and secondary data sources were used to generate this report. Primary data sources are questionnaire and talking with professional personnel. The secondary data sources are different published reports, manuals, price updates and different publications of “Robi”.


The main limitation we faced while making this report was limitation of information. Some of...

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