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Robots are used in many fields and some of them are:

1. Vehicle and car factories,
2. Precision cutting, oxygen cutting, lasers, etc.,
3. Mounting circuits on electronic devices (i.e. mobile phones)
4. Working where there might be danger (i.e nuclear leaks, bomb disposal)
5. Surgeons are performing robotic-assisted surgeries that, among other things, can equalize little jiggles and movements of a surgeon's hands when doing delicate procedures, such as microscopically aided surgery or brain surgery, etc.
6. Other manufacturing, such as certain repetitive steps in assembly lines or for painting products so humans don't breathe the over spray or have to work with respirators on, working in the heat of drying and treating ovens on wood products, etc.
7. Mail delivery to various mail stations throughout the buildings in large corporations. (They follow routes marked with ultra violet paint).
8. To assist police and SWAT teams in dangerous situations, such as with hostages or in shoot outs and stand offs. They can be sent to the scene to draw fire, open doors, "see" the environment from a closer view point, or look in windows with cameras, etc.
9. Bomb diffusion, land mine detection, and military operations where they are used as in #8 above.
10. Remote procedures by a surgeon or other doctor who is unable to be there to perform the surgery in person (such as at an ice-bound Antarctic research center) or where there is a shortage of surgeons in a specific specialty (Alaskan Tundra) and the remote surgeon does or guides the procedure from far away via robotic "hands".
11. Space
12. Toy (Playing ect.)
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