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Should Robots be Encouraged to Do Work?

What is a robot? A robot, scientifically known as a machine, means ‘a machine capable of carrying out complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer (Oxford dictionaries, 2012). A robot can complete one or more tasks repeatedly, with high speed and accuracy. In today’s modern life, robot is getting to be increasingly important for many people because it can perform industrial duties, housework and so forth. Today, it has been proven, that robot bring benefits to all of us in many different ways. Japan is a good example of a country to prove that robot is an important machine in industries in the country. In fact, Japan looks for robots to fill jobs because there are lack of employees to do work (Lustig, 2009).This shows, the importance of robots to do work in big industries. Furthermore, mostly electronics industry and motor vehicle industry need large quantity of robots to complete their products until final products (IFR International Federation of Robotics, n.d). The top list shows that the Republic of Korea has sold 23,500 robots, up from 7,800 units in 2009 (IFR International Federation of Robotics, n.d). From the statistics, we can realise that robots play an important role to do work in all of the industries in the world.

However, there are those who think that robots have negative effects for people and can bring extreme danger in future. Although other people think that robots bring negative effects to them, there is strong evidence to show that robots are needed to solve the problems of people. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to point out the advantages and importance of robots to do work which can produce greater quantity of products, clean our houses and do jobs in the food industry.

Robots are actively changing our world. Robots have been developed by build modern research and are being used in industries for achieving advantages which would not be possible by human beings. Nowadays, robots are used for production purposes, which help us to speed up the work and produce greater quantity of products within a short period. (RobotWorx, n.d). They can perform tasks faster than humans and much more accurately. At the same time, robots help us to save our time in the industrial sector, the performance of robots are getting perfect. Robots produce products in a very less time and that too with quality and more accurate. As a new technology, robots produce more accurate and high quality of work. Human beings should appreciate the performance of robots which help us to do a variety of work in a minute time. Moreover, robots are also able to work continuously without taking breaks, lunches, breakfast, sick time and no need to take holidays. They rarely make mistakes and more perfect than human beings. Robots also help us to create jobs such as robot technicians, programmers and engineers but most of the people believe that robots have taken away jobs from employees (Robotics Research Group, n.d). It will help to reduce unemployment rate among workers around the world.

Nowadays, many people are so busy with their work. They are irresponsible and do not have enough time to clean their houses. Above all, this statement applies to the ladies who are working. They are facing difficulties when cleaning their homes alone. Robots are there for them to overcome their problems (Robot Vacuum: For Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2008). Robots also help us to clean our houses which are known as robotic vacuum and robotic floor cleaners. They are able to clean on any different types of surface area. For example, carpets, tiles, wooden and laminated floors cleanly (Ng, 2009).It does work faster and effective better than human beings. We no need to sacrifice many things such as extra time to clean and save energy with the help of robots. With normal vacuum cleaner we have to work hard to clean our house. Sometimes it will take us a few hours if our house is big. As technology is developing, scientists are creating a variety of functions for robots. Nowadays, robots which are also known as iRobiQ could be able to wake us up with a ringtone and it is just like a set of alarm (Poulter, 2008). If we forgot to set an alarm after back from work, robots are there to help us to wake up in the early morning. In fact in several companies have developed robots that act as security guards. Cleaning job will be much easier by using robotics vacuum. In other words, robots also will make our life easier by cleaning dirty environment and around the house effectively. It will save our time and will do all the work in a systematic way. Robots help us to save energy without doing it manually.

In addition, the industrial sectors recent success in large part, due to the diffusion of the technology in the new sector. While in this technology world robots have been developed for some time in the manufacturing and industrial area, the technology had just started to gain some purchase in other fields, such as food processing industry. Robots are able to do jobs in food industry as well as food manufacturing (Brumson, 2008). Robot is one of the important machines to speed up the work of processing, packaging, picking and palletizing products in food industries. For the packing of food items, robots enable to pack them in high uniformity speed which is better and greater than human beings. Robots have to capability to help us to increase productivity and quality. Usually employees are getting injuries when packing, picking and palletizing foods. So, robots help employees to avoid from getting injuries. Robots in food industry are improving employee’s safety and improving the food processing by moving products faster than manual labour. Next, robots improve productivity and quality of a product. Although, an industry spends millions of dollars purchase robots, it will help an industry to reduce labour and product costs. Many requiring cleanroom manufacturing are growing, while some industries have suffered under a straining economy. Robots are able to clean the environment of companies. They could clean the floor automatically and it can sweep the dirt too. The robot will search smart charging base for recharging by itself when the power is about to end. It also saves time by combined sweeping bin and vacuuming bin can be thrown out easily. Meanwhile, robots can carry and move over loads of fixtures and things from a place to another place in a glimpse of an eye (Guizzo, 2010). In many industries there is the involvement of lifting, moving of loads of object over and over again. Workers would not be carry heavy objects but then robots are the right solutions to overcome this problem.

However, there are still people who think that robots bring negative effects to them. The most common argument lifted by the opponents is unemployment rate increase when robots are encouraged to do work (Robotics Technology, 2012). Most of the companies and industries hire robots and machines to do all the work instead of human beings or workers. This will lead to fewer jobs for them. In this new technological world; parents are sending their children to further their studies in colleges and universities to get better jobs and for a bright future. But, nowadays there are lacks of jobs for educated students. It is a major problem that all the graduates are facing right now. Whenever there is less work for graduates or employees, insufficient of money problem appear in their life. It also leads to deflation and human labour becoming cheap.

Furthermore, the next common argument which brings forward by the opponents in robotics vacuum cleaners does not have high capacity to store dirt (Technology, 2010). The robot vacuum cleaner is an expensive machine. It costs a great deal more than our manual vacuum cleaner. Even though, robot vacuum cleaner makes our lives easier, there are some disadvantages on it. It does not have high capacity to store dirt which means we have to spend our time to clean the dirt in the container every day. It also will run on automatically with the help of batteries and allow it to move freely. It uses a lot of battery power and needs recharge day by day. Next, our careless activity might damage in the motor. If we forget to clean the dirt which is stored in the container, it will affect or damage the motor of the vacuum. This means, we have to spend more money of repairing the motor.

Although, robots make our life easier by doing a variety of work in houses, companies and industries, it costs high amount of money to purchase a robot (Robotics Required, n.d). Most of the companies and industries purchase robots from Japan by wasting millions of dollars. Due to this, an industry has to plan greater financial budget to their industries to improve productivity and quality of products. Some of the industries are producing robots by using low quality material (Research Robotic, 2012).This less quality material of robots will loss the products of the company because it will not be able to do work effectively and efficiently.

Today, we cannot imagine ourselves without technological move forward such as cars microwaves, cell phones, computers, iPods, iPad, televisions and radios. However, technology won’t stop here but will develop to an advanced. Even though, advanced technologies make our life much easier as robots and machines would take over our daily life duties, humans or labourer are becoming lazy (Sheffer, 2011). When, humans are becoming lazy, health effect problems will appear among them. For example, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and so forth. Workers could not be able to work and exercise because robots are taking over all the work.

In actual fact, with the aged of population in many countries around the world, mainly Japan, there are ever increasing numbers of elderly to care for, but quite smaller number of younger people to do the job. Japan allowing millions more workers from overseas due to lead off workers (Lustig, 2009). The main government of Japan plan to do is increasing the child payment to 25,000 yen which is (270 dollars, 166 euro) per child in per month. The purpose of this decision is to encourage couples to have more children (Lustig, 2009). Japan overcome their problems by importing employees from overseas as well build more robots do the work. I oppose the opponents most important an argument which is robots caused unemployment rate increases. This is because; Japan is built more robots there are not enough of workers to do it. Actually, robots are creating jobs and increasing the opportunity of jobs in same of the gravest industries of this era (Material Handling & Logistics News, 2011). The needs of robots in Japan caused the jobs opportunities will increase because Japan uses robots to do work instead of workers. This would be advantages for all employees to get jobs opportunities widely. According to global report, robots create more than a millions jobs by 2016 (Staff, 2011). Currently, a lot of industries robots are responsible for all millions of jobs.

At the same time, there are a number of cleaning utilities such as the robot vacuum cleaner that is used for achieving fabulous levels of neatness and cleanliness in hotels, restaurants, hospital and houses. Many people think that when we own a robotic vacuum cleaner, the most frustrating things about these devices is that when the dirt container is full, we have to waste time and clean it out. According to 2012 Consumer Electronics of Robotics Show (CES), we can identified that there is a new technology of robotics vacuum cleaner from Asia which able to clean the dirt automatically (Guizzo, 2012). There are many new and advanced technology of robotics vacuum cleaner such as Ecovocs out from China and NaciBot-S
(Guizzo, 2012). Those vacuums are able to empty the dust bin of the vacuums automatically. So that, our life is becoming easier with the help of new technology machine such as robotics vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, there are authorities who argue that robots are cost high amount of money. I opposed this opponent argument. Although, a country need millions dollars to purchase a robot, it is a defence weapon for a country. It’s definitely no any doubt that Japan has progressive development in robotics. When an earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan, some robots are used as assistance for the fighters (Huang, 2011). Moreover, Japan’s Self Defence Forced which is the special Ops group, asked iRobot with the situation at the Fukushima Dai-1 nuclear plant as a robotic assistance (Ackerman, 2011). iRobots which known as PackBot 510, Warrior 710 go along with their employees to provide support in Japan. In short word, robots used at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. Shock news is soldiers are replacing with robots which used for war purposes (Miller, 2010).

Last but not least, robots are willing to help humans to do risky jobs, hard jobs and jobs which need great accuracy. According to Robotics Industries Association, robots are able to prevent employees from getting injuries (Brumson, 2008). As a human being, we could not able to do all the work but they can do all the tasks independently as well. Robots in welding industry called as robotic welding has the possible to reduce waste, injuries, low welding cost, improve production and quality. They can do all the working in a short time without make any mistakes even faster than manual welding by employees.

All in all, robot is the use of technology to design and creation machines, built for precise purposes, planned to perform specific tasks. With robots, company and industry can earn more profits because it brings additional advantages and its more effective and efficiency. Many industries purchasing robots to cut down their overall cost of production. This is also supportive in the consumption by companies and they can increase their profits. Hence, the false beliefs of the robots should be corrected as robots just can do anything without risk of injury as well as increasing the job opportunities for workers around the world. In addition to that, government should encouraged people to do work with the help of robots which make our life much easier.

In conclusion, if robots be encouraged to do work, they will soon be everywhere and develop our world by achieving 2020 in future. Future robots may come up with benefits that we could not even able to imagine of. We can say that so far there has been a huge development in advanced technology and it does not seem do stop here as it is definitely will concur all around the world in coming years.

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