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I. PROJECT DESCRIPTION Project Title: | Online Construction Canvassing and Ordering | Type of Project: | E-Commerce | Project Proponents: | E&N Hardware | Number of Beneficiaries: | 4871 Households | Project Beneficiaries: | Community People | Location of Beneficiaries: | San Isidro, Nueva Ecija | Date of Implementation: | January 2015-January 2016 | Area of Implementation: | San Isidro, Nueva Ecija | Budget Requirement: | 30,000 | Budget Requested: | 30,000 | | | II. BACKGROUND/SITUATION ANALYSIS Construction of houses and many other buildings are in demand, but sometimes the construction is being delayed because of budget shortage. This budget shortage is caused by lock of knowledge about the market prices of construction materials. In addition, overpricing of construction materials causes budget shortage. To avoid overpricing, to monitor the price and quality of construction materials to be used in building our dream houses, the researchers plan to develop an “Online Construction Canvassing and Ordering” wherein people can monitor the price of construction materials. They can also choose the quality materials they want. In addition, they can also order the selected materials to the host company by sending their list through email. III. PROJECT OBJECTIVES
The project team aims to develop “An Online Construction Materials Canvassing and Ordering” for E&N Hardware to make their transactions faster and more reliable. Objectives The project team specifically aims to: 1. To increase profits and sales of the company. 2. To ease monitoring of company stocks and sales. 3. To broaden the market of the company. 4. To make the ordering process and other transactions faster and more reliable.
1. Make more advertisements online to broaden the market of the company which may result to higher...

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