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-Cover version phenomena – 1952-56. A black record would cross over from R&B charts, and a major record label would do a cover to eliminate the original version. Major record labels trying to control the popular music.
-Was this practice racist?
-Allan Freid white disc jockey played black music on white radio in 1951 – white kids listening to black music, transculturation
– 1948 black radio
- Music becomes increasingly more popular over the next 10 years, Allan Freid (read the text) starts to help with the popularity.
- Big enough in 1952 that record companies start to notice and the cover phenomena starts.
- White covers sanitized lyrics to remove any sexual connotation.
- By 58 the cross overs were no longer working
“Sh- boom” 1954 * details on Moodle
- B side of a record by The Chords who were doing an R&B cover of a Patty Page song.
- Crew Cuts #1 for 9 weeks total 20 wks
- The Chords – 1st R&B record to make Pop Top 10 in the 1950’s hit #5 charts 16 wks
- Both versions played on the radio at the same time. Put out in direct competition with each other.
Rock and Roll is a sociological term originally referring to white interest in black pop music, not a musicological term
Only 20 spots on the R&B charts at the time
Crew Cuts
- No base voice in the chorus
- Sax removed, replaced ya dadadadada
- Slightly higher, softer, a little faster
- Triplets
- Key change
- Cheezy drum
- Instrumentation changes, studio orchestra, brass section, arranged on sheet music, much more TPA performance
- The Chords have a small combo
- Structure mostly the same, but Crew Cuts have a more TPA set up AABA
- CC version simplified
- Arrangement Harmony between the two...

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