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Question 1

1. Penalty: - Company should regular inspect the workers uniform and if the someone is not in full safety uniform he/she should be charged fine or penalty and send back to home.

2. Proper training: - proper guidance should be given to every worker regarding proper protection equipment (how to wear, which equipment prevent which part of body).

3. Identifying hazards: - employer should inspect the workplace so that they could find out the hazards and take the appropriate action.

4. Worker should be informed to maintain 10 meters of distance from dangerous moving machines for example forklift.

5. Proper protection equipment should be of good quality so that workers can feel more safer while wearing equipment.

Question 2

a) Types of Hazards as company is engaged in construction work.

Physical Hazards * hazards such as lifting and pulling are sought of physical hazard which are common in construction sight. * Wet floors or slippery chemical on floor could lead to slip and fall. * Using handy tools like power tools etc.

b) Angela must have studied about the workplace safety and there she may have learned or taught the correct or immediate action to take against any incident occurred at workplace.

c) Angela can consult the external or internal source. External sources include websites containing information regarding safety example She may consult with internal sources like safety officer or senior in charge at work place.

d) Employer or the person who has been appointed to inspect the work place had the responsibility to conduct an identification of hazards before the job began.

Question 3

a) I am currently working as a Assistant Manager in Red Rooster in Karrinyup which is an Australian Quick Service Restaurant(QSR). I’m working here from last 10 months.

b) Hazards at my workplace are: - * Environmental Hazard: - As working in a kitchen with hot fryers and at the same time air con also running in store could lead to hot and cold temperature of kitchen area.

* Physical Hazards: - Lifting of defrosted stock arranging them in cool room is physical hazard. At the end of day while cleaning floors slips and fall could lead to injury.

* Hazardous Substance: - detergents used in washing dishes are hazardous substance for sensitive skin.

c) Problems that took place when hazards are not being taken promptly are – * Injuries took place like back pain while arranging stock in cool room because it includes bending and lifting of heavy boxes. * Slips and falls could also lead to injury when cleaning floors of the store. * Burns from hot oil or heat while opening the hot ovens could lead to severe burn on hands or body part.

Hazards | Control Measurements | Recommendation | Stacking shelves with printing material, which require repetitive lifting and bending to reach the top shelve. | Engineer | Shelves should be build in such a manner lower shelves should have heavier object and upper shelves with light boxes. | Receiving delivery of heavy and massive packaging containing flour and other kitchen utensil(in a bakery) and storing them away. | Eliminate | Forklifts should be used to move heavy packaging from one place to other | Moving item of kitchen utensils which have sharp edges that could cut your hands. | Engineer | Kitchen utensils should be properly handled or their edges should be less sharp o prevent cuts. | Preparing a metal cleansing solution using caustic chemical ingredients in the laboratory | Administer, PPE,Isolate | Proper training should be given or proper hand gloves should be used while using chemical or laboratory should be made away from public place | Climbing ladder to change a faulty light bulb located in a wall fixture 4 meters from the floor. | Administer, Substitute | It should be changed by any electrician or something more safe should be use instead of ladder. | Storing a paint thinner and other flammable solvents in a store room of hardware shop | Eliminate | Paint thinner and other flammable solvents should be stored in different room as they are dangerous. | Driving a forklift with the reverse censor alarm not working properly. | PPE | Equipment should be fully repaired to avoid the accidents in workplace. | Using a poultry cutter without a guard while working in the butchery. | PPE | Proper safety equipment should be used while working in butchery shops equipment should be checked and tested by senior in charge for safety of worker. |

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