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Rock Midterm Review
12 true or false 38 multiple choice

1. What is a rock style beat?
4 beat feel w/backbeat 2. What is the most commonly used rock song form?

3. ü What is syncopation?
Accenting rhythms other than the regular rhythm 4. ü What is a riff and how are they used in rock music? Short, memorable and easily retained melody 5. ü What are the core vs. optional instruments in rock music? Vocals + guitar+bass+drums vs. piano+keyboards+synthesizers 6. ü What are the characteristics of folk music from the
British Isles?
A story told in plain everyday language
Sung with an untrained voice
Heterophony (i.e., multiple versions of the same melody, played simultaneously)
Verse/Chorus & Strophic song forms
Uptempo dance rhythms 7. ü African tribal music?
Percussion instruments
Syncopated percussive playing techniques
Riff-like melodic ideas
Layered textures made up of voices, percussion, and pitched instruments
Melismatic vocal lines
Pentatonic scale vs. Major Scale 8. African American folk songs?
Improvised bluesy melodies to speed the day along
Rhythmic music to accompany rhythmic tasks
Call & Response
Group responds to leader, sometimes the foreman of the job 9. ü European classical music?
Sentimental stories set to simple melodies Harmony support melody Clear song form Clear rhythmic order 10. ü What was the Minstrel Show? Why was it considered the first synthesis?
Variety show featuring comedy skits (negatively stereotyped plantation slaves), dance routines, & musical numbers / The FIRST American form of popular entertainment 11. ü How was Vaudeville different from the minstrel show? 12. ü What did Tin Pan Alley businessmen sell? Tin Pan
Alley popular song form? a. Sheet music / 32 measure AABA 13. ü How did ragtime influence popular...

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