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Hello Bold and Determined readers.
I am Miki. A long time B&D reader, online entrepreneur, extreme sports fanatic, and most importantly, a truly free man.
You are reading this right now because Victor has asked me to share the story of how I went from where I’ve been throughout most of my short life to where I am currently. You may be familiar with some elements of the story through the comment I’ve made a few months ago, which got featured.
Nevertheless, let me tell you my story and maybe, offer you some advice on how you can change whatever it is you think needs changing in you. Not your life, you.
I was born and grown up in Serbia, a small country in Central Europe in the 90’s. My country at that time (and pretty much now) was a perfect example of completely lawless, ruined country, ravaged by war, restrictions, isolation and ethnic conflict. And I’m not saying this to point how harsh childhood I had – I didn’t. My childhood was amazing, it made me a man. Life’s hardships are going to get to you and check what you’re made of at some point in your life without fail, so better go through it sooner than later.
The reason I’m pointing it out is that next time you think of an excuse like “I can’t start a business because my parents won’t support, my friends don’t believe I’ll make it, my Government burdens me with too much taxes, they said on CNN economy is down, I’m too small, my penis is too small”, and so on.. Try thinking how you’d made it if bombs were falling around your head and paramilitary terrorists racketeering and abusing all honest members of society.
When you see teenagers in the US, living life around ideals of watching bullshit Holywood feeds them for 5 hours each damn day, then going to play latest PES to digest overload of info they got bombarded with from TV, after which they black out until next morning where they need to go listen to their politically correct, shameful failure of a teacher indoctrinating them with bullshit propaganda Government prescribed in order to make them an obedient, “civilized’ members of society, that’s what’s called “a hursh childhood”. As John D Rockefeller (guy whose family owns Department of Education) said “I don t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”. They’re doing a damn good job - thinkers are dangerous. Thinkers are free.
We had our lives being physically threatened. You learn something out of it. These kids have their ability for critical thinking as free man jeopardazied, it’s much more deadly and destructive.
Despite all of it, my quest for success started when I was 15, I realized that in order to be able to do what I want without depending on any other outside element (read: “being free”), I needed money. My money. Funds I can independently use as I wish.
So I set out to make that happen. I started thinking of ways to accomplish it. I looked around and saw the economy of my country, or better say, ruins of it’s economy. It was monopolized by a few due to terrible political conditions, completely unfair in terms of legal norms and taxes towards small business start – ups, and generally incredibly discouraging toward any attempt a normal individual trying to succeed in it. So much for “democracy”.
I realized that a 15 year old without any formal education doesn’t have much opportunity in those conditions, it’d prove to be rather challenging.
So I had to think of the other way. And I did. Internet. My window to the world. I used it to play video games fanatically from ages 8 – 13. Why not use it to make money? No one will care how old I am, what my education is, where I’m from. We’re on equal, only differed by our skills. Perfect playground for me.
So it started. I’ve began devouring the all – popular money making courses of all kinds that are available online. I stopped going out and eating my lunch so I could save my pocket money to buy them. When I ran out of money I sold my mobile phone to buy one I really thought will help me make it. It took me 7 months to realize one important, universal trait they all had in common. They were absolute bullshit. Bullshit written by bullshitters that never made it, but tried to make it by acting like they made it and selling bullshit to those who didn’t. Costly lesson, though a good and early learned one. Moving on.
What I wasn’t noticing at the time, was that , that by reading all those books related to Psychology, Motivation, Work Ethics, Business , Management, an incredible change was unfolding in me which I didn’t even pay attention to. In my efforts to simply make money in order to achieve freedom, while learning everything I could in order to make it, I’ve developed an outstanding psychology, personality, and attitude towards life. I went from being a shy, low confidence introvert to a powerful person who knows how life works and is able to manipulate it into his advantage.
I didn’t make any significant money until I was 18. All before that was a few hundred bucks here and there. Still, I burned up all the bridges behind me. I stopped going to High School because I considered it a complete waste of time (which it was), stopped studying (and started learning), and only appeared to take exam, and get a passing grade.
Of course, it doesn’t even need mentioning that my family (big fans of establishment) gave up on me totally after spending years trying to change me. I never argued. I just used their doubt as a fuel for my ambition. I was about to show the whole world what I am capable of and arguing was a waste of time. I had to focus on work.
I was mocked by my closest ones, doubted by my friends, who did love me, but never thought I could make it. Same with my family, same with my peers. Only one person in the world believed in me. Myself.
And then, just as bamboo, after you plant it, doesn’t show any growth for a couple of years, and then grows out in a huge, beautiful plant in few months, because all those years the roots were developing below ground in order to support it’s height, my success started exploding.
I still remember the first time I withdrew from the ATM the amount of money that equaled to three months of average salary in my country. That was my first significant earning. I bought a laptop with it ( didn’t have one at a time) so I can work on and take care of my business from anywhere, and saved the rest for my traveling. It’s the laptop I’m writing this on, it’s been throughout whole Europe with me. I can still remember the moment I picked that money in my hand. Entered amount, clicked “accept” and there it was. Something my fellow citizens slave away for 8 hours, three damn months in order to get, was in my hands, earned from my computer desk, on automated system. A moment of absolute Freedom.
All of a sudden I was swamped with incredible ideas I was executing perfectly, the profits started pouring from all sides. I became wealthy. Right now I possess
In the meantime, I finished high school, and I was completely free. So I decided that the best time to live my dream of travelling the world and working online would be right now. For the past one and a half years I was on a road. Mostly in Europe, because Europe’s people, culture, and history appeal to me mostly and there’s so much to see I could travel around it for decades and still have tons of beautiful places I missed.
I also went out of Europe for the first time to climb Mount Everest, which I did a couple months ago at the end of 2013. It was one of the most challenging and exciting experiences of my life. I felt “on top of the world”.
As I am writing this, I’m in Provence, a beautiful region in South East France, in a beach resort called Bandol. While I was writing, a beautiful bird sound caught my attention, I looked out of the window and seen gorgeous bird standing on a branch apparently searching for food, about 7 feet from my window.
After she spotted the food, the bird dived head on toward the ground, spread wings only after getting one feet from the ground, landed, took the food, and flew away.
That’s how you should go after your aspirations my friends, head on, without brakes, without considering whether you may smash your head on the ground. Just go for it. And you’ll notice that a new world of possibilities will open for you. Give everything up, except the thing you desire. Make it the only option. And you’ll have it. Sooner or later.
If you would ask me to sum up a system for achievement, I’d put it as simple as “Be, Do, Have.”
You don’t need Tony Robbins and tons of Self Help bullshit to point you out to what you already know while emptying your wallet in the process. Just “Be, Do, Have.”
Want more wealth? Be wealthy, do as wealthy, have as wealthy. Want more pussy? Be a player, do as player, fuck like player. More power? Be powerful, do as powerful, have power.
It’s incredibly simple formula, and the only one that works, yet only maybe 1% of the world seems to be able to follow it. Be one percent.
Thank you for reading, best wishes to all of you.
~ Miki

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