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Rocknrolla Scene by Scene

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CMTM 160 The Art of Film and Video
Film Log

Film: RockNRolla
Directed by Guy Ritchie

Scene 1: London

Abondoned Mill Archie and Lenny explaining how Lenny works offers “the wild bunch” to buy property “the wild bunch” is fooled and owes Lenny money

Scene 2:
Yuri’s Office Lenny and Yuri yuri wants to buy a property and lenny is the person yuri offers drink to lenny, shows him his lucky painting gives lenny the lucky painting

Scene 3: car yuri calls his finance accountant (stella) for the money

Scene 4: Steeler introduction of “the wild bunch” accountant offers “the wild bunch” a job to steal money

Scene 5: Mr. One Two meets accountant (Stella)

Scene 6: Lenny meets counselor with Archie
Tennis Club

Scene 7: lenny’s office The painting yuri gave to lenny is stolen lenny asks archie to find the painting and get it back

Scene 8: bank “wild bunch” steals the money

Scene 9: museum Mr. One Two of the wild bunch, gives the accountant her share of the money

Scene 10: Yuri’s Site Yuri receives news of money being stolen Asks assistant to have the money be withdrawn again for Lenny

Scene 11: Streets Archie goes to see Tank who knows what stolen item is where at any moment. Archie asks Tank to get the painting

Scene 12: Steeler Gypsies come to sell stolen stuff.

Archie comes to collect the money “the wild bunch” owes to Lenny

Scene 13: Yuri’s boat Yuri takes accountant on date

Scene 14: Car Mr. One two takes Joe to a party because he is going to jail tomorrow.

Joe confesses he is gay.

Scene 15: Junkyard Lenny investigates violently who stole the painting Lenny finds out his step son stole it. Johnny Quidd.

Scene 16: Johnny’s house Johnny admires the painting.

Scene 17: Studio Lenny comes asking about his rockstar step son Johnny who is assumed to be dead.

Scene 18: Steeler Bob’s sentence gets cancelled. Accountant calls Mr. One Two to invite “wild bunch” for a party

Scene 19: Yuri’s off Yuri asks Lenny to return his painting because of his recent bad luck and his money being stolen.

Scene 20: Party Accountant offers same job once again. Accountant’s gay husband offers the wild bunch to tell them who the informer is among them.

Scene 21: Club Archie shuts down the club because they havent found Johnny.

Scene 22: Steeler Mr. One Two and Mumbles discuss upcoming job. Mumbles and Mr. One Two discuss Bob

Scene 23: Club Roman and Mickey go to see Mickey to find out about Johnny to get Archie and Lenny off their back. Cookie disagrees to help.

Scene 24: Johnny's home Johnny is getting high

Scene 25: Road/City 2 huge men are taking Yuri's 7m in a car. Car attacked by "the wild bunch" Chase around the city

Scene 26: Site Lenny makes excuses for not having the painting on him.

Scene 27: Restaurant Mr. One Two takes money to Accountant. Explains what happened.

Scene 28: Councillor's off Lenny goes to check with the councillor

Scene 29: Golf Course Yuri blames Lenny for the stolen money Yuri breaks Lenny's bones.

Scene 30: City Accountant's husband calls Bob

Scene 31: Johnny's home Johnny's mate brings 2 junkies to the home. They steal the painting.

Scene 32: Steeler Junkies go sell the painting to Cookie

Scene 33: City Tank informs Archie where the painting is

Scene 34: Mr One Two's home Cookie gifts Mr. One Two the painting Accountant comes to see Mr. One Two Mr. One Two gifts Accountant the paiting Bob calls Mr. One Two to tell him the informer is Sidney Shaw.

Scene 35: Hospital Lenny asks Archie to get the painting.

Scene 36: Johnny's home: Roman and Mickey go meet Johnny

Scene 37: Mr One Two's home 2 Bodyguards go to get money back from One Two Archie comes. Kills the guards Archie gets the Wild Bunch

Scene 38: Johnnys home: Roman and Mickey get Johnny to Archie

Scene 39: Stellas home: Yuri asks Stella to marry him Yuri finds the painting Yuri kills Stella.

Scene 40: Factory Archie brings everyone to see Lenny Bob opens the secret about the informer Archie realizes its Lenny

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