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Rodriguez V. United States

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Rodriguez v. United States
For a long time, Americans have been victims not only of torture but also unreasonable searches and seizures conducted by police officers. However, the status has changed after passing of a related legislation which has effected an alteration in the U.S. Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States has apparently changed the right of the American citizens’ protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. According to the document, individuals have a right to be or feel secured in houses against unreasonable captures and searches. The amendment limits the power of police to search people and seize their homes and property.
The applications of the Fourth Amendment in reality, particularly in courts today, have even surprised those who drafted it. The judgment from the case Rodriguez v. the United States is primarily based on the provisions of the document to the Constitution. In this case, a k-9 officer, Morgan Struble, stopped Rodriguez on grounds of driving on the shoulder of a highway, which is a violation of the Nebraska law. The policeman then attended to everything connected with the stopping, including issuing a warning for dangerous driving checking the driving license of Rodriguez. The officer asked the permission to walk his dog around Rodriguez’s car, which was denied. He then ordered the offender to step out of his vehicle while waiting for backup to come. Once the other policemen had arrived at the scene, Morgan Struble had his dog to sniff

the suspect’s car. The animal alerted to the existence of drugs (significant amounts of methamphetamine) in Rodriguez’s car. Consequently, the offender was charged with the possession of drugs (Maclin 18). However, at the trial, the suspect requested the court to reject the evidence presented before him on grounds that the officers violated his…...

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