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Role as a Single Parent

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The Role as a Single Parent Single parent family may be defined as “A family comprising of a single mother or father having their own dependent children. (Prabhakar)There are numerous responsibilities and sacrifices that a single parent endures. One must accept the role as mother and father. Being a part of a single parent home can have a negative or positive impact on the relationship between parent and child. Balancing work and family are vital roles; single parents understand the meaning of prioritizing. (Robbibs) As a single parent, there will be many decisions made that will not only affect themselves, but also the child. The tasks of a single are doubled; one must maintain balance which is beneficial for both parent and child. A two parent household usually share equal amount of responsibilities. Important tasks are often prioritized and as a result, personal time is often sacrificed. As they struggle to provide for their children, single parents may neglect their own needs. (Denehy) Having to play the role of mother and father can have an effect on both parent and child. This may be explained if the child is old enough to understand. Sometimes taking an open approach relationship can assist with maintaining an open relationship. Any issues or concerns can be addressed to minimize disloyalty in a relationship. No matter how busy a parent may be, a child should always feel comfortable with discussing situation with their parent. Although it may be difficult, parents should manage their time adequately to maintain a healthy balance. Financial difficulty can affect a single parent household who solely relies on one source of income A strict budget must be followed in order to maintain a household. Hardships may be more common for a single parent with multiple children. There are programs that provide aid to single parents. These programs assist...

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