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A role model is generally defined as a person who serves as an example of a positive behavior. The term “role model” was introduced by Robert K. Merton who said that individuals compare themselves with "reference groups" full of people who occupy the social role to which the individual aspires.

Adults, parents, people in authority, people of influence, celebrities, are often idolized and looked up to by the people around them. Since by definition a role model has to exhibit positive behavior, only some of these people qualify as role models. Others serve as bad examples, which unfortunately can be just as influencing.

It is a daunting responsibility to be viewed as a role model. Regardless of how one reaches the stature of being looked up to, the responsibility is the same. Role models are supposed to walk the talk. As Albert Schweitzer said, “example is not the main thing in influencing others.
It is the only thing.”

I remember an advocacy campaign that focused on what we as adults show children. We litter and throw garbage even in areas with signs that say otherwise; and on our way to the mall with our family; we jaywalk as we cross the streets; we violate traffic rules, etc. Not unlike Aesop’s fable “the young thief and his mother”, we once saw a father alternating with his son to get packets of sugar and table napkin in a coffee shop. In a span of about half an hour, they must have made ten trips to the condiments station to fill a bag and bring the supplies home. What children learn and become accustomed to are often carried into adulthood. Do we have cause to wonder why children grow up without discipline or why they go astray?

Some people are aware of the responsibilities that come with their stature and manage that. They become very conscious of what they say and what they do, whether it is holding their tongue and not saying bad words, not smoking in front of the children, or paying respect to the dead.

My scant showbiz trivia includes remembering Dolphy say that he did not and does not endorse cigarettes, liquor, or even beer (regardless of the talent fee) because his TV shows are watched by the entire family. Sharon, who is probably viewed as a “made” person has announced that she is going back to school to fulfill her dream of getting a college degree. Christopher Reeve exerted a lot of effort to do positive things and be an example to others despite his paralysis because he did not want children to believe that superman gave up. What a respite from celebrity scandals!

In our society, we look for role models among our leaders. News of politicians attempting to influence even the Sangguniang Kabataan elections, SK elections marred by violence, the highest officer in the land implicated in questionable dealings, the sick being robbed of money for their care probably cause us to ask – where are our role models? They probably are not the ones in the limelight. They are quietly fulfilling their role and inspiring others.

In our organizations, we look to our managers and supervisors as the role models. We aim to emulate their competence, work ethic, and attitude. We pick up their pace. We pick up their vibes. We pick up their spirit. We are influenced by their leadership styles. We look to learn and be inspired by them.

Role models give us directions and goals. They inspire us to achieve our dreams. They help us become what we are. But role models are also human, they have their own foibles – we can’t expect them to be perfect. It is also up to us to choose the role model that would inspire us, and up to us to choose what to emulate. It is also up to us to respond to the challenge of how we influence others, especially the people under our care.

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