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Role of Hrm in Plastic Company

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HRM Project on Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)

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British American Tobacco:

British American Tobacco is the world’s most international tobacco company with an impressive market position in Latin America and a robust position in all the other regions including America pacific, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa and Middle East (AME).for 100 years, British American Tobacco has been building an international reputation for producing high quality tobacco products to meet the diverse preferences of consumers. Leading edge manufacturing BAT focuses on quality and excellent distribution capabilities enabling consistently to deliver premium products in 180 markets.

“To achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry in both a quantitative and qualitative sense.” BAT has 15% of the global market and is the second largest international tobacco company and the market leader outside the US. For BAT leadership is about being recognized as a high quality business with excellent people and products and being seen as a benchmark company.
Business focus: BAT has clear priorities for investment:
1. Market leadership or premium position: Focus on markets where it can retain or achieve portfolio leadership and build premium positions such as Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
2. International Brands, Lights, Premium and :
The key to profitable growth is to developing business from its origins in local, full flavour lower price brands towards the growing, more profitable segments.
3. Productivity: BAT expect to be able to reduce costs by sharing services between markets ,as well as by taking advantage of significant opportunities to achieve...

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