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Role of Music

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Term Paper


Communication Skills II

Second Semester S.Y 2009-2010

The Role of Music in Learning


This term paper explains the relevance and role of

music in learning. It also shows the benefits of listening

to soft music in stimulating our mind to do certain tasks.

It also discusses the study and research of some people

about the goodness of music to body.

I hope you will enjoy reading my term paper.

- Author –


I would like to thank the Almighty God for guiding and

giving me the knowledge to create this Term Paper.

And also thank my loving family for their support,

specially my mom for giving me some sort of ideas and

pushed me to do so.

My friends and classmates for sharing their knowledge

about my topic.

And the last but not the least to my very loving and

patient my Communication Skills instructor Mr. Ariel Y.

Leonin who did his best in teaching us.

- Author -


PREFACE............................................... i

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT....................................... ii

I. Introduction....................................... 1

• Advantage and Disadvantage of

Music in Learning................................ 1&2

II. Body.............................................. 3

• Role of Music in Learning........................ 3-7

• Effects of Music in Mind and Body................ 8&9

• Which Music is Best for Learning?................ 9

• The Effect of Music on Learning.................. 10

III. Conclusion....................................... 12

Bibliography.......................................... 13


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