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Role of Technology in Service Counter

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There are FIVE (5) modes that technology’s contribution to the service encounter that is because of advances in communication and information technology are having a profound effect on ways customers interface with service provide. The modes are as below:
a) Technology-free service encounter
b) Technology-assisted service encounter
c) Technology-facilitated service encounter
d) Technology-mediated service encounter
e) Technology-generated service encounter (self-service)
In relating this model to the hospitality service industry, we choose Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. This hotel located just 25-minutes from the heart of Kuala Lumpur has 1234 guestrooms, suites, villas and serviced residences. The flagship 5-star Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa offers newly renovated Club and Premier rooms and suites, while The Villas presents 17 luxurious Asian-styled accommodations.
Besides the variety of accommodation under one, this amazing “resort-within-a-city” landmark also features the Balinese-inspired Mandara Spa, a fitness centre, a theme park with the largest manmade surf beach, extreme sports and wildlife interactive zoo, an upscale mega shopping and entertainment mall with over 700 specialty stores, a medical centre, educational facilities and a multitude of distinctive business and leisure facilities. Below are the examples on roles of technology in the service encounter based on the example of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, Kuala Lumpur:
A) Technology-free service encounter Mandara Spa at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa provide a traditionally massage to their guest. They have a few types of service such aromatherapy massage, wraps, facial, scrubs and bath to employ the purest and highest quality essentials oil and ingredients. They also have a very good team of therapist with a perfect skills and diverse range of traditional,...

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