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Role of the Human Resource Manager

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Brenda McCain the human resource manager of the Westpark store, assumed several important roles during the beginning of her employment with Harrison Brothers Corporation. The most important task that she undertook is actually developing a human resource unit separate from operations and sales. This is an important task because the delineation of tasks enables the managers to focus on their areas. Due to the establishment of the human resource unit, had to slowly influence corresponding changes in the existing human resource-related practices. The change in the organisation was also recognized by , the sales manager. First change is the development of working relationships with the operations and sales divisions to determine the human resource needs and issues they currently face as basis for staffing decisions. Pat Hartlake, the operations manager recognized the importance of the establishment of a separate and experienced human resource unit and developing good relations with the HR staff to achieve efficiency in addressing human resource problems. Second change is the performance of human resource functions. One activity is staffing or obtaining qualified employees through advertisements and interviewing applicants and looking at application papers to determine work stability. has a background in sales so she is confident in her ability to select qualified employees. Another activity is investing in employee motivation. Previously, the store has a high turnover rate primarily attributed to the inconsistencies in discipline procedures. introduced a performance assessment procedure that considers the quality and quantity of work performed by employees as basis of disciplinary action, possibly dismissal after incurring three valid disciplinary actions, and annual salary increases. Still another activity is employee development through the...

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