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Role Play the Management

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What role can play in helping top management to company efficiency Achieve superior quality and responsiveness to customer innovation?
Management is the key to successfully obtain a base. The role of the manager is very important because it is key for a company to meet its goals and achieve a position in the consumer's mind so that loyalty to develop the same figure. In the value chains is the person responsible for managing and form the source of information, supervise the handling of materials and most importantly have good communication and administration of human resources without them the company would not go forward.
For an efficient company a manager must be able to manage and get the most productivity from their employees and efficient management of its capital and know where to invest and where to invest in order to obtain a quality that is second to none and that is unique, lasting and the consumer is satisfied and fascinated by another of the same things that a manager should be aware is to recognize the weaknesses of your competition and attack them on to highlight them. In addition to providing a good and service with innovative which means that this pace with technological developments and the latest trends for the industry. It is also very important for a manager to know how to identify the basic needs of the consumer to have a retroactive and efficient communication with the consumer to identify them. In addition to this a manager must be constantly learning as should encourage the same in their workforce.

The manager is the key piece of the puzzle that is the business industry pair that reason you must know the industry which will devote their business to know all your consumer based studies formulated for obtaining good control of all production sources either to get a better price , products , low costs, a well-trained employee and...

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