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Good afternoon to our beloved teacher Miss Dhi and all of our friends. Today, we are going to
perform a role-play titled A Bad Hotel Experience.
Chris as a Staff
Miko as a Manager
KW as Customer A
SW as Customer B
Narrator KW and SW have booked a room at The Rock Hotel for their three day trip
in Penang.
Staff Good morning Madam. Welcome to The Rock Hotel. How may I help you?
A Good morning. I have booked a room online, can I check in now?
Staff Sure, can you show me the receipt please?
A Here it is.
Staff One moment please.
Narrator Suddenly, the staff’s hand phone rings. He picks up the call and starts to chit-chat with
his friend like there is no end. KW seems impatient about it.
A Hey! This is not one moment! I have waited for half an hour.
Staff What is wrong Madam?
A Why are you letting me wait for no reason?
Staff Don’t you see I’m so busy? If you don’t like it, please make a complaint to our
manager, I don’t care.
A No, I just want you to complete my check in by now.
Staff Fine, room for two, is that right Miss KW?
A That is right.
Staff I need your ID Card to complete the registration.
A Here you are.
Staff How would you like to settle the bill?
A Credit card.
Staff Your room is ready, follow me.
A Thank you.
-B- KW, I’m hungry, I think I need to eat breakfast now, see you later.
A Okay, see…...

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