Roles and Functions of a Health Care Manager

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Roles and Functions of a Health Care Manager

Health care managers have many roles and responsibilities in health care facilities today. One of the most important roles of a health care manager is making sure the facility can run smoothly. Making sure a facility operates smoothly includes many tasks that provide one outcome, a productive and efficient facility. The health care manager takes on many roles and responsibilities including organization, planning, and controlling resources (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, &Kramer, 2007). Leading and influencing others is also very important as a role of a health care manager (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, &Kramer, 2007).
No matter what type of health care facility a manager is responsible for there are many roles that carry over in to each facility such as caring for personnel, making schedules, keeping structure within an environment, regulating care, and managing finances or facilities (Writing, 2011). Managers within a health care facility tackle many roles on a daily basis. Caring for personnel can be made easier if the health care manager has an open communication line with all departments. Having inner communication in a facility can help to improve overall moral which will improve the overall quality of care provided to the patients who visit the facility. Keeping up with structure and scheduling within a facility is also a daily operation of a health care manager.
I think that I would most love to walk away from this class after learning the proper way to incorporate all the tasks that a health care manager must take on in a day. Juggling the entire task while remaining calm and collecting would be highly effective for any manager and or facility. I think that the responsibilities of a health care manager can become overwhelming for many. Having a collected and responsible individual to take on this position would be…...