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Eutrophication is the process by which a body of water becomes rich in dissolved nutrients from fertilizers or sewage, thereby encouraging the growth and decomposition of oxygen-depleting plant life and resulting in harm to other organisms (Encarta dictionary 2007). This is one of the ecological problems that are affecting PAU thought others don’t see it as a problem. Thus, the essay will discuss further on how it is started and evidences of its existence, how to minimize or prevent it from eventuating, and how it affects the environment in which we live in and give a real case study of its effects.
Eutrophication began to develop on the lakes of PAU when the campus department stopped cleaning the lakes in order to let the birds to lay their eggs on the flowers growing in the lakes. This is evident in lake two. This has led to eutrophication due to the overcrowding of plant life in the lakes. Some proof that the lakes are becoming entropic are that they smell, overgrowth of plants means the level of oxygen is depleted and less penetration of sunlight, algae are starting to cover the surface of the lakes. Therefore, this shows that lakes here at PAU are starting to become eutropic.
Prevention is better than cure therefore it is better to prevent the lakes from becoming eutropic than to cure it after it has become eutropic. As stated in the article, ‘How to cure Eutrophication’ (2012, May 17) that a pond that has become eutropic is hard to rehabilitate. This is because not only will you have to fight the nutrients that are currently running off into the pond, but you also have to undo all of the problems that have compounded over the past number of weeks, months, years. By this point, the nutrient load has been built to astronomical proportions, and it will certainly take some time for the pond to return to the state of a balanced ecosystem.
Hence, it is better to prevent eutrophication from eventuating by cleaning the lakes thoroughly. The lakes at present have a lot of decaying matter at the bottom. So it would be a good idea to clean that and a little on top of the surface so as not to destroy the birds nest but to control the growth of plant life on the surface.
There are many problems that are associated with eutrophication. Problems that affect us humans and the ecosystem upon which the plant and animals live and depend on. Problems that we humans would face is the foul smell that would be produced and the stale and decaying organisms in the lakes. A similar problem eventuated in London (England) along the delta of river Thames in 1848. The delta of river Thames became eutropic because of the huge amounts of sewage disposed into it. This caused large growth of plant life near the river and therefore causing the river to become slightly stagnant, slowing the flow of sewage to the ocean. And so the fish in the river began to die as a result of this sewage problem. The eutrophication caused by the sewage had a greater impact on the people of London. The cities near the river Thames were most affected by the foul smell, which some business were shut down because they could not take enough of the smell.
It was not until the year 1850 when the engineer Joseph bazelgette Eutrophication is a dangerous, unhealthy, and extremely unsightly state for your pond. Once a pond reaches this point, it can take years to rehabilitate it to the point that it can sustain life again. Eutrophication: Stop it Before it Starts

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