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Roles of State & Federal Governments in Employment Regulation

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Roles of State & Federal Governments in Employment Regulation

Angela McIntosh

Sullivan University

Employment Law



This paper will provide an overview of the State and Federal regulations in employment and discuss relevant employment regulations. The findings will explain on how in today work environments that the business climate of companies seem to subject to a wide variety of laws and regulations. With these components in dealing with the regulated in benefits for employees that has become a particularly crucial issue in the past several years. State and Federal regulations play a large role in how a company treats its employees while at work. These laws ensure that those workers that report in dealing with the wrong doing of their employees are not discriminated. In concluding the State and Federal government have made sure that protection to the interest of the workers to carrying out their duties in a prudent manner and refrain from conflict of interest transactions specifically prohibited by law. The enforcement of the federal and the state minimum wage law to be enforced in the working field.

The Federal Government has set up specific laws that apply to the regulation of unions and allows workers to join unions. The National Labor Relations Act allows the workers the option of joining an association. The government established the National Labor Relations Board for this purpose. The federal government has passed acts like the Labor-Management Relations Act and the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act to increase the workings of unions.

The federal government has passed the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which disallows discriminating among employee/potential employees on the basis of race, gender, national origin and religion....

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