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Roles of Different Types of Consumers in Demand for the Iphone

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On the 14th of October, hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world queued for hours just to purchase a gadget of the future – the iPhone 4S. “Outside the Apple store on Regent Street in London, a line of shoppers snaked down nearby Hanover Street ... [whilst] in Covent Garden at least 700 people were queuing (Mathis, 2011).” It makes one wonder how innovative this product really is to draw this much attention. What do consumers see in the iPhone? Is it about product viability, status enhancement or just another Apple product to tick off the list?
“Consumer behaviour refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants (Shah, 2010).” There are six main types of consumers in society, each with different roles. It is vital to examine the various functions of each type of consumer with regard to the iPhone. Several factors influence the type of the consumer and his/her consumption. These range from culture, social class, family, roles and status, age, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle and beliefs. Basically, consumers identify themselves within a particular group and act accordingly towards consumption and demand for innovation whilst considering the product life cycle.
In order to determine the effect of the iPhone on consumers, a background of the product must be considered. The iPhone 4S is the most advanced piece of technology Apple has ever invented. It is an upgrade to the iPhone 4 and was released only a month ago. Its new features include Siri, an intelligent personal assistant that helps you with your needs. Moreover, it has a dual-core A5 chip which makes browsing, gaming and everything faster. Add to this an 8MP camera, iOS 5 updated software, iCloud to store content on devices and all the previous functions of the iPhone 4 and you have the smashing new iPhone 4S, “the most...

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