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Topic: While Romans is by far Paul’s most systematic letter, it was written to the Roman church in order to address specific concerns. Discuss the occasion, date, recipients, and purpose of Romans. Consider the following: Who founded the church in Rome? What was the situation like in Rome during this time? Who wrote Romans? From where was it written?

Some believe that Romans is one of the most interesting and engaging books in the Bible precisely because it shapes the way we think about so much of the universe we live in. Moo “says he is convinced that the contemporary church desperately needs to grapple with what is going on in Romans. (Moo 2000, pg 16)[1] It is his goal to help Christians to understand this wonderful book and bring its eternal message into our own situations, and to show how the truth that Romans teaches affects our practice of our faith. (Moo 2000, pg 16)[2]

Who founded the church in Rome?
Some believe that Peter founded the first church in Rome, but this view is unlikely since Peter is never spoke of by Paul in the book of Romans and there is no evidence throughout the Bible. No one person could be attributed the founding father of the church in Rome nor its exact date. Paul Achtemeier states, “a congregation apparently existed in Rome before 49 AD, (Achtemeier 2010)[3] when the Emperor Claudius banned Jews, including Jewish Christians, from Rome. (Acts 18:2)

Who wrote Romans?
Paul wrote Romans using Tertius as his amanuensis or scribe to write down what Paul dictated to him. (Moo 2000, pg 16)[4] Romans was written from Corinth near the end of Paul’s third missionary journey, just before his journey to Jerusalem. Leslie C. Allen, writes that Romans was probably written during the winter of A.D. 56-7. (Allen 1999)[5] The apostle Paul tells us clearly what his situation is when he composes the letter....

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