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Ron Kovic's Born On The Fourth Of July

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Over 58,000 Americans have died in the Vietnam War. We may have won the battle, but it was only the beginning. Many survivors have been traumatized for what they have seen, done, and experienced. Ron Kovic happens to be a well-known Vietnam Veteran, who is paralyzed from chest down. He wrote a book called Born on the Fourth of July to show his point of view on what truly happens during the Vietnam War. Kovic tells us that people do not know what war really is until they experienced it. After he returns back home from the war, he thought he would be treated as a hero but people saw him completely different, as if they were disappointed in him. His concerns with today’s generation are that there will possibly be another war like Vietnam but with Afghanistan and to warn the young adults who are joining the military what they are exactly signing up for. After Kovic was release from the military, he wished that he could have heard a person who got injured from War to tell him what really happens, and that is his goal today. Ron Kovic became a protester today because, how he was treated in the hospital, …show more content…
Before joining the military Ron idolized about serving his country. Now, he is 100 percent against war and protests against anything to do with war ever since he got injured from Vietnam. In the postscript, Mr. and Mrs. Kovic received a letter from Ron’s general stating that, “Despite the fact that he his partially paralyzed…” (232). When in reality Ron was not just partially paralyzed, he was more then half paralyzed from his chest down. In the film, Ron younger brother, Tommy Kovic, argues about how he is against the war and tells Ron, “You served your country, and what did you get out of it? Look at you man. Look at you” (Born). After that being said Ron realizes he had lost everything thanks to the war. He began to feel useless to the

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