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MBA 812 Marketing Management Case Analysis
Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

Summary This paper is expended according to the Rosewood Hotels & Restores Company, which established in 1979. This company promoted the Individual Brand Strategy when it was established. In early 2004, the new present and CEO, John Scott, and the vice president of sales and marketing, Robert Boulogne were considering to apply one new brand strategy named Corporate Brand Strategy in order to boost the company’s growth. In the first part of this paper, it gives the reasons why John Scott and Robert Boulogne wanted to promote the Corporate Brand Strategy. In the second part, it describes the advantages and disadvantages of the two brand strategies. And, the last part which is the most important part, there is a spreadsheet with lots of data, and from these data, John Scott and Robert Boulogne confirmed that the Corporate Brand Strategy is more effective for the Rosewood Hotels & Restores Company’s growth.

Body of the Paper In this case, the protagonist is Rosewood Hotels & Restores, which is a hotel management company. In this company, there are 12 individual branded hotels and restores in different countries. In other words, Rosewood Hotels &Restores’ development strategy is individual/collection brand strategy. In early 2004, the top managers of Rosewood Hotels & Restores want to promote the company’s growth. Generally speaking, there are several popular growth strategies. Finding new customers, new markets, creating new products and doing a better job serving existing customers are all viable growth strategies. (Hill & Media) However, the CEO John Scott, and vice president of sales and marketing, Robert Boulogne propose a new brand strategy named corporate brand strategy. Here is the question one. Why do they want to consider corporate brand strategy? Just as

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