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Roots and Routes

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Running head: ROOTS AND ROUTES

Roots and Routes: Past, Present and Future
Tekulve Thomas
DeVry University

Roots and routes are an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. Our roots ultimately shape who we are and dictates the path we will walk in life. I personally feel that my roots drive me to be the individual that I am today and helps guide me for the challenges I will face tomorrow. Even though I love to learn new things, I don’t like to sacrifice the required time to do extensive homework assignments. Honestly, I would be very happy to just go to work and come home and drink a beer while watching TV. Sometimes the word lazy describes me the best. Unfortunately, that was and is still a term many people use to portray a large percentage of the African-American population. Sadly, there are quite a few negative stigmas against African-Americans in our society today. It is strongly believed by some people that we do not work as hard as other ethnic groups to achieve our goals. Another assumption is that African-American males have an increased sexual appetite, therefore being more prone to be unfaithful to their significant other. In an attempt to not be categorized, I established and maintain my individualism by remaining unstressed and unaffected by the negative stigmas that surround me. I strongly believe that I must continuously improve in all areas of my life, in order to be a good role model and positive example setter for those around me. From a financial standpoint, my family never had much, but they’ve always had a lot of love. Furthermore, they always instilled this in each and every one of us the importance of family. With that said, they’ve always told us to keep our faith and believe in God. Hence, the reason why I feel it is imperative...

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