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Rosa Lee: a Family and Their Struggle in Urban America

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Case Study and Treatment Plan for Donna “Patty” Cunningham
John Prayer
Liberty University
SUBS 505

Case Study and Treatment Recommendations

Name: Donna “Patty” Cunningham
DOB/Age: 34
Dates of Interviews:
Evaluator: John Prayer

Patty is a 34-year old African American female of average build and height. Patty is the fifth of eight children. Patty has one child, Bobby, which she had when she was 14 year old. Patty admits to a long life of drug used which started around the time she was 16. Patty admits to having a difficult childhood which consisted of her being picked on a lot during her school years for being illiterate and being three to four years older than her classmates due to not starting school until she was around seven or eight. Patty admits to being sexually abused by a male family member when she was eight. Patty also admits to engaging in prostitution for her mother when she was younger to help her family make ends meet. Patty does not work and currently receives a monthly welfare check. Patty admits to continuous drug use over the years. Patty admits to engaging in drug use with her mother and brother over the years which has led to all three being diagnosed with the HIV. Patty admits to continuing to engage in unprotected sex acts for her drug use even though she is positive for HIV. Patty also has a history with law enforcement due to her drug with her most recent charge being assessor to a murder. Patty states the only time she has remained clean is when she was incarcerated.

Donna “Patty” Cunningham, Rosa Lee: A mother and her family in Urban America

PSYCHSOCIAL HISTORY: Patty is the fifth child of eight children. Patty’s mother, Rosa does not work and currently receives a monthly welfare check. Patty admits that her, her mother and siblings can sometime have…...

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