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keep riding

january 2011

Rider Mania 2010
+ HandcRafted in cHennai + Bulls of sHiMoga

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from the ceo's desk! entrepreneurs along with our most experienced dealers, with a clear vision, sharper focus and achievable suggestions and well established best practices in meeting our customer expectations. Now, what next? Royal Enfield has committed to a) Expand capacity by investing on a new state of the art manufacturing plant, to be operational in 2012. b) To launch two new bikes in 2012, to attract again the younger, performance seekers & leisure cruisers. c) To raise the bar on ‘quality’ in parts, in gloss & sheen and definitely in ‘perfecting the UCE’ to deliver ‘Top Notch’ reliability and performance. d) To expand reach in the domestic market in sales, after sales support, besides creating a ‘global foot print’ in unrepresented markets outside India. From our passionate and involved dealers & distributors I once again seek your commitment in 1) Delivering 100% “faultless” bikes post PDI to our customers. • Predictive & Preventive “post sales service competence”. • No “Vehicle off the Road”, on account of parts not available in your dealership, even for a day. 2) Adequate but well-maintained 3 ‘S’ facilities in your dealerships, confirming to RE Brand standards. 3) Your personal focus to deliver more than 95% by registering continuous improvement in all the parameters affecting product and customer satisfaction measures. 4) Last but not the least “keep riding” to become your “monthly marketing activity”. The Royal Enfield Team under the leadership of Dr. Venki, as the CEO has more than committed to augment required support to the marketing & sales team, in all your initiatives to sustain the lead, you all have established in making Royal Enfield what it is today. “Success is the difference between where you started and where you finished”. Thank you for all your patience & support to me as CEO in the last 5 years which I cherish a lot. With best, — R.L. Ravichandran Executive Director – Eicher Motors Ltd.


Dear Friends wish you all a prosperous, successful and fantastic ‘TRIP’ into the new decade ! The last time I wrote the editorial on “The Beat” was way back in June 2006. That was after one year of my assuming the CEO’s role in August 2005, the year we celebrated 50 years of Royal Enfield in India. I made 3 important commitments to you. 1) To fix basic product hygiene and ‘must be quality’ - First 2) To expand the product range to attract new segment of customers 3) To create a visible & vibrant brand identity for Royal Enfield and respectable street presence. I am sure you will all agree that we have struggled hard to deliver and we finally passed the test, but not got a distinction yet. In our Annual Dealer Convention held in Dec. 2010, I could see the signs of success and pride in you. We have a fine mix of young and new

If you would like to contribute to The BeAT email us at editorial team Shaji Koshy, Sachin Chavan, Praveen P Sathaye


upcoming rides

Royal Enfield Tour Of Rann Of Kutch here are many places one can in India to have a memorable motorcycle ride, but the Rann of Kutch provides something more. If a ride to the Himalayas is a more moving, spiritual experience, then riding in the Rann of Kutch with a group of riders, traversing sparsely populated salt flats is a real adventure. Among other things on this ride you shall rediscover the numerous constellations lost from the view and memory of many in the urban smog; marvel at the wonders of a 4000 year old Harappan civilization site at Dholavira; shoot the wild ass of the Rann, with your camera of course, and stay at serene countryside resorts. This ride will definitely be etched in your memory for years to come.


•The iTinerary•
M A R C H 1 2 - 1 9 , 2 0 1 1 , 8 d Ay s AHMEdABAd • ZAinABAd • LiTTLE RAnn • dHOLAViRA • GREATER RAnn • HOdkA • indiA BRidGE • LiTTLE RAnn • AHMEdABAd


dealer neWs

Annual Dealer Conference he Annual Dealer Conference, 2010 was held at Aamby Valley city, Lonavala. This place is about 122 kms from Mumbai city and is a complete delight to the eyes with its scenic beauty resting in the laps of Sahayadri Mountain range of Western Ghats. The invitees were given a ‘Royal’ reception and were guided straight to the venue. After the welcome note from Mr. Shaji Koshy, Divisional GM Sales & Marketing, and the lightning of the inaugural lamp, the event started with Mr. R.L Ravichandran, CEO giving a brief description of the agenda of the event. He explained how the company faced and successfully managed, one of the biggest challenges in 2010, i.e. 100% transition to the new platform of UCE engine. The celebration of this success was carried out with enthusiasm and gusto by over 120 dealers at the ADC. He marked that both the customer and dealer base is moving towards a younger generation. Dr. Venki Padmanaban, COO, started the round of presentations with his talk on delivery satisfaction. He threw some light on the future growth plans of the company and how the production target of 70000 bikes in 2011 could be achieved in the same manufacturing plant in Chennai. Mr. Ananth from Teknik Motorcycles , Bangalore, explained how “service can pay for sales” and how just by ensuring proper systems, service revenues can support entire dealership's expenses. Mr. Arun Ramadoss of HSR Services, Bangalore talked on


“How to sell a long waiting period” and the importance of employee satisfaction. Mr. Kaustubh Mishra of Royal Riders Ahmedabad, elaborated the concept of ‘Keep Riding’ which the company lives by. He explained how dealers can work to attract more of their customers to participate in rides organized by them and the ultimate gain to dealers from the same. Mr. R.L. Ravichandran, CEO gave the dealers a glimpse of what the year 2011 holds with the unveiling of the 2011 new model line up . Electra 350 UCE
The proposed Electra 500 EFI.

Mr R.L Ravichandran lighting the ceremonial lamp

brand right from his childhood led him to become a part of the Royal Enfield family. Mr. Sachin Chavan, from the Product Management Group, one of the most experienced and respected riders in the country gave a glimpse in to the virtual world of the Royal Enfield and asked the dealers to be active on the online social networks. He presented the features of the new proposed Royal Enfield website and how it promises to be more exciting and engaging not only to customers but to dealers as well.
The proposed Classic Desert Storm.

Open House: Time for Q&A.

Felicitating Kaustubh Misra the Ahemdabad Dealer.

'Forest Green', Electra 500 EFI 'Riviera Red', Classic 500 Desert Storm, and the Bullet 500 were displayed and much appreciated by the dealers. In sync with Mr. R L Ravichandran explaining the passion for the Royal Enfield brand by both customers and dealers, a short film was screened about a new dealer, Mr. Khurram Vohra of Classic Motorcycles , Chennai, who started his dealership in 2010, about how his interest and passion for the product and the

Not just business talk but some pleasure too.

To show the dealers what goes into manufacturing these bikes and what gives Royal Enfield motorcycles their essence, a special film titled “Handcrafted in Chennai” prepared by the

advertising agency W+K was shown at the event. This film reinforced the fact that Royal Enfield motorcycles are still made by hand and this is what gives the bikes its unique ‘handmade’ value in a city like Chennai which has kept its tradition and culture alive, just like the brand of Royal Enfield. Mr. Siddartha Lal addressed the gathering and shared the future vision of the company and the Royal Enfield brand in global perspective. He emphasized more on the global branding of the product and his vision of how Royal Enfield should be pronounced together along with ‘Riding’ in any part of the world. He also shared the major initiatives the company is investing in to enhance the production capacity. The other event on the agenda was the open house session, Mr. Siddartha Lal, Dr. Venki Padmanaban, Mr. R.L. Ravichandran and Mr. Shaji Koshy answered the queries and questions of the dealers on various issues. The event culminated by awarding the dealers for outstanding performances. These awards were presented for top performers in Sales, Keep Riding, Service, and Spares on both regional and national level. A standing ovation was given to the bike enthusiast and dealer friend Mr. Javeen who rode around 5000km during his epic ride which also included participation in the Himalayan Odyssey 2010. After the formal part of this event was over, the people then enjoyed the dinner and took to dancing to the tunes played by DJ.


A Record feat
The Army Service Corps (ASC) Tornados Team successfully mounted 54 Persons on a single Royal Enfield 500 Motorcycle on Sunday the 28th of Nov 2010. This record attempt surpasses the earlier attempt of 48 people on a single motorcycle which incidentally was also set on a Royal Enfield motorcycle by the Corps of Military Police, Indian Army. The motorcycle used for this attempt did not have any modifications in the Engine for this feat.

The Royal Wizard
The smash hit movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is said to have given Royal Enfield and Watsonian Squire sidecars a significant popularity. In the film, Royal Enfield 500 fitted with a Watsonian sidecar is featured with Hagrid riding the bike and Harry Potter sitting in the sidecar whilst they zip through London at night, dodging traffic. In true Harry Potter magic form, the bike flies, too. It is said that the film producers Warner Brothers bought about 9 bikes with the model finally selected being a blue Manx sidecar. Royal Enfield is currently attempting to retrieve one of the ‘combos’ to put on display. There has been a notable boost in Royal Enfield motorcycle sales as a result of all the publicity. Royal Enfield (UK) /Watsonian spokesman Dan Sager agreed to this and said “On the final day of the Carole Nash Motorcycle Show in Birmingham a guy came onto the Royal Enfield stand and bought a bike and sidecar then and there as it looked just like one used in the film”. Warner Brothers had asked Royal Enfield to keep this information under wraps till the rushes of the movie went public but the motorcycle has shot to fame after the release and the appearance in this blockbuster. Dan further added “There have also been a huge number of hits on our website, as well as on sites like Facebook, as people are realising that you can actually buy them.”

Austrian Eagles
The Austrian Eagles, a group of Royal Enfield riders of the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi recently organised a charity ride from New Delhi to Neemrana. Service support was given by Royal Enfield service team from New Delhi


A Work of Art
A Royal Enfield is a rare breed in an age of mass-produced, user-friendly predictability. This is a mechanical motorcycle, handcrafted with love, engineered with purpose, and designed in a way that gives each machine its own unique character. This character is reinforced by Royal Enfield’s cultural DNA - by where it was born, and by where it is now built. Its classic British pedigree shows in every line, while the gleaming new engine hints at the devotion that has enabled this legendary marque to thrive in the outskirts of Chennai. This film “handcrafted in Chennai” which will be released on the web and on select media channels in the new year - is a tribute to the wonderful people who build, sell, ride and maintain these beloved machines, and is a heartfelt tribute to the city that Royal Enfield calls home. Brainchild of the legendary media wizard Bharat Sikka the movie was shot in Chennai capturing glimpses of the city and its unique culture and inside the Royal Enfield factory laying emphasis on the way artisans use their hands to give shape to this unique creation of art, the Royal Enfield motorcycle. Here are a few glimpses of the making of the film, and some stills from the film. The film can be viewed on YouTube in the royalenfieldmedia channel or downloaded from the Royal Enfield Website. watch the movie:

company neWs

New Office for PD Team
The Royal Enfield Product Development team recently got a revamped new office premises at the Thiruvottiyur factory. This used to be their earlier office and it underwent extensive refurbishments and changes in the past few months. Extensive work was done to create a completely new look for this office and the PD team finally shifted back here. This was inaugurated with an auspicious puja and celebration. The office boasts of state of the art, ergonomically designed interiors and the entire team which sits here is quite delighted about the same.
Panoramic view of the new floor

Pooja celebrations to inaugurate the new set up

New Office Desks and Furniture

Meet our New Team Members
Ravi Kiran AKA Trooper

“Soft Skills” Training Program
A Training program was conducted at Delhi on “Soft Skills” for R2 & R3 from 24th to 25th Nov 2010. A total number of 23 supervisors from R2 and R3 attended the program along with 6 Royal Enfield TSMs and RSMs.

Ravi Kiran AKA ‘Trooper’ has been riding motorcycles ever since he managed to stand in line at the RTO and get a learner’s license at the age of sixteen (for sub-50cc two wheelers). He has been riding Royal Enfields from 2006 when the touring bug bit him and has been active among the many fan-clubs around the country. He has owned two Thunderbirds in the past and is now in the process of acquiring a UCE 500. A true blue tourer, he has been for a couple of Rider Mania fests and has done a fair bit of touring all around the country. A mechanical engineer by qualification, and a weekend garage monkey, he lives and breathes motorcycles. He was earlier employed with an auto components manufacturer. He has joined the PMG in the month of December 2010 and will coordinate product planning and new product launches at Royal Enfield.

Adarsh Saxena

Adarsh has been riding Royal Enfields since the day he turned 18. His riding stint started with an Electra 4s gifted to him by his Dad, and eventually lead to him owning the mighty powerful Machismo LB 500. A computer engineer from Mumbai, Adarsh has worked in the IT industry and then chose to pursue his passion by tinkering around with motorcycles rather than hammer away at keyboards. A physical fitness freak he has represented the Indian Junior basketball team in a couple of tournaments and besides being the captain of the Mumbai University Basketball team for two straight years. He has joined the PMG as a senior engineer and shall be actively involved in company rides, community events and other activities.

dealer neWs

Royal EnfiEld's nEwEst facilitiEs
New dealerships were recently added to the ever growing Royal Enfield network. Some more additions to the service network were also in the form of new state of the art workshops at some of our established dealers. 1 2 3 4 5 6 ManMohan auto StoreS, Chandigarh n a MotorS, Trichy royal engineerS, Hyderabad Sri VelaVan MotorS, Chennai aMPS MotorS, Nellore Jaycee MotorS, Amritsar

TOP 10 Dealers
OCT '10 - DeC '10

Dhone Automobiles Pune


H.S.R.Services Bangalore

Soniya Motors Pvt. Limited Mumbai

Royal Motors ambala
2 3 4

Manmohan Auto Stores Chandigarh

Ess Aar Motors New Delhi

Southern Motors, Chennai
5 6

Free Service cHecK uP
A free service check up camp was organised at Malik Automobiles, Sonipat on the 10th and 11th of Nov 2010. A total of 19 motorcycles were serviced

Teknik Motors Bangalore

Shahila Expositions Pvt.Ltd Guwahati

Lamba Enterprises Pvt.Ltd New Delhi
errata: last month we wrongly carried news of the Free service conducted at lamba enterprices, it should read as Shree Mahadev agency, noida. the service training was done in gurgaon in an ngo named i-lead and not in rothak as was mentioned. We apologize for this error.

keep riding

Riding to Rider Mania Goa 2010
Story of my epic journey to The Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2010 and back! text and photographs By nishit saigal


or me, it all began almost a month and a half prior to the ‘big ride’ when my very dear friend for years and a fellow biker mate and enthusiast, Varun, introduced me to the concept of the event 'Royal Enfield Rider Mania' which happens in Goa. Even after an instant decision in mutual agreement, Varun and I had a million thoughts of what all we would like to do before and for the ride. Foremost came getting our bikes in shape and testing its limits within local surroundings to be better versed with what could possibly go wrong or what should we be wary about when riding on a stretch as vast as 2600 kms to and fro. And to no surprise, our menacing bikes, my Thunderbird 2002 and Varun’s Classic 500 did a fabulous job of thumping with pride all along and taking all that came in its stride with absolute ease. The 16th of November 2010 dawned and the ride that was to change our persona as riders awaited us. Inspite of very little sleep due to excitement of the big ride, yet, fresh and immaculately dressed, we assembled at the Royal Riders dealership in Ahmedabad at 5:00 am. After a prolonged session of ‘chai’, Pradeep Chaurasiya, our lead rider for the ride briefed us on the do’s and don’ts whilst on our ride. I distinctly remember 2 pointers that he said – 1.) This is not a race and 2.) Do not try to copy anybody. Point taken and registered, the first set of instructions that would turn us from rowdies to riders, we were off for the ride of our lives. Next stop, at Baroda, we had 6 more riders joining us and adding to our team of 5. The ride proceeded with our

average speed now being about 80kmph. As the familiarity and understanding between the riders and their bikes kept growing stronger and deeper, the average speed grew to a whopping 100kmph and that too in unison. the thump had begun to Bind so to say. Be it on smooth or bumpy roads, we wouldn’t stop for anything. We must have attracted over a million eyeballs and were greeted with a lot of excitement and cheers by the onlookers. The Bharuch dealership ensured we got a hero’s welcome, complete with refreshments and snacks and by the time we crossed over Valsad and took our last halt within Gujarat, we were one well coordinated unit of 13

bikes eagerly awaiting the next patch of ride. Then together came nightfall and the least enjoyable patch of the ride – we had entered Mumbai to get to our abode for the night halt. As the next day dawned, 17th Nov 2010, each member of the ride woke up with a vast hunger – the hunger to RIDE more – everybody wanted more that morning. Well, that’s why they say “watch your words”. We did a lot of riding and I mean a LOT. After an endless wait to have some more riders joining in from Mumbai, we set off on the journey of NH 17 – next destination – GOA……!!! But hey, not so soon! That’s not what destiny had in store for us. I had a puncture in my rear wheel

and was saved by a whisker as it occurred seconds after a sharp turn that I had taken at about 80kmph. The rear wheel fishtailed as it deflated and we spent a good hour getting it fixed as the rescue van with the spares was way behind our speeding demons! Just as beautiful the ride was in aspect of the locales around, the roads were equally challenging. Continuous stretches of bad patches of road again were slowing us down….were getting us tired… were testing our patience and limits…! Visibility got poor and the roads got worse. We crumbled as the excitement faded away with daylight and nightfall saw us hunting for a hotel to lodge ourselves. Some were bruised and some were battered and as is obvious all were deflated out of energy. But then after one of the many chai halts, a miraculous turnaround happened as we just pushed the envelope a little and reached the night halt! Boots off, Gloves off, Bikes parked. Riding part over. Party begins. It definitely called for the soda to pop and mingle with the whiskey. “Eat, drink and celebrate as tomorrow we reach our goal” was the mood of the night. We drank like fishes, we ate like hogs and we slept like babies. 1 room – 16 people – part of the brotherhood…!!! At break of dawn on the morning of the 18th we got up stretching after a much needed slumber. Ready, charged, prepared, excited – Goa!! – here we come. By now, after having covered over 650kms, the remaining 160 kms felt like stone’s throw distance away. Goa had amassed us and before we realized, we were all well within it. The excitement grew even further and after a quick lunch session, we headed straight for the venue hotel ‘Julie Jolly’ near the Anjuna/Vagator beach area via the murky gullies of a siesta-sleepy Goa. However the venue was a total contrast.

keep riding
Bustling with energy and jostling between the woods was the ROYAL ENFIELD RIDER MANIA 2010 event setup that waited with a symbolic welcome extended to us as we rode downhill into the lap of banners, barricades and loud speakers 19th nov’10 – day 1 @ rm’10 – goa: Rajat, another dear friend who came directly from Pune that morning especially for the 3 day RM event, woke me up. At the venue, after picking up our red Rider Mania T-shirts and trying them on to our best fit, a lot of photographing followed. Pics of the venue, the logos, the events and the T-shirts were taken in frenzy. As the events for the day unfolded, we had registered for all 3 events for the day. The figure of 8, slow bike racing and Towing. Infact, we did pretty great in the ‘figure of 8’. Our relay team had Nipun, Varun, Rakesh and Myself and by the end of the contest we missed being in the top 3 by a whisker. Hard luck but great fun! Some stupendous music from DJ Blackjack kept us punching the air while we showed no signs of stopping to gurgle those dreampriced pints. 20th nov’10 – day 2 @ rm’10 – goa: With adrenaline running at its peak now, we jumpstarted the next morning with a lot of plans, determined to see all of them through. This was to be the most eventful day for us. The first event of the day at the RM venue was the very mean Dirt Track racing. Each rider zooming in and trying to outdo the other on that unfriendly track was the scene. Some crashed, some sped and some persisted while the onlookers made a hullabaloo outside. The day was to go on, with event after event. In the evening we finally ended up at Club IVY at Baga and from there on, senses were

sent packing away. With lovely dames around us and some sensational and timeless tracks from the Rap, Reggae and House genres, we set the floor on fire and danced till we’d drop from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Ah, what a party….!!! Followed by a snack, it was time to crash and so we did. 21st nov’10 – day 3 @ rm’10 – goa: The biggest and most awaited ride was to happen today. THE GROUP RIDE! To ride across Goa with all the participating fellow riders was a thrilling experience. About 200 Royal Enfields of all shapes, sizes and colours with

really) at 6:00 a.m. to head back homewards. Still very prominently sleepy, the face of each rider showed a tinge of resentment at leaving Goa at that hour. But, what’s to be done is to be done. Refueled and loaded, we set off by 6:30 a.m. Yet again, led by Pradeep, we chose a different route from the one that we had endured on the way earlier. NH 17 – no, thank you! NH 4 – oh yeah baby. After exiting Goa, the change in route took us via the very very picturesque Amboli Ghats. We swayed at 80kmph, turning and speeding at every straight patch. The NH 4 was a stretch of several kilometers of

about 300 participant riders and pillions filled the Goan streets as we made a single-file convoy across town. The onlooker’s eyeballs popped and sound buds went for a toss with the roar that our bikes cumulatively made. Surely enough, we attracted a lot of attention, respect and some envy! We felt like kings and surely enough, our day was made. We ventured out for some shopping after the group ride as we had decided to keep day 3 aside for the same. Beads, T’s, shorts and bandanas…! We bought them all. We came back to the venue to watch the scintillating rock-show at the venue till it ended and having the last leg of those amazingly priced beers, we bid adieu to the venue that gave us the time of our lives. the ride Back home: Monday, the 22nd of Nov. saw us awake and ready (not

paper smooth highway roads. It was a fast rider’s absolute dream coming true. A halt before we ventured out on that heavenly patch gave us time to prepare for the speed and aim at the next stop only after the next 120 kms. After a halt taken for lunch and after getting my bike fixed, what we aimed at was a perfectly comfortable night halt at Lonavala. The roads continued to be lovely and occasional tunnels added to the resonation of the thump resounding and scaring away the other scavenging vehicles. We belittled them with our revs and poked fun at their speed with our 2 wheeled iron demons. It gave us the much needed boost to carry on with beaten and tired bodies but with massaged egos. We took a break for the night at Lonavla and at dinnertime a healthy conversation about our individual professions went

on air and we spoke for 2 good hours while we had our drinks, gave ourselves reasons to be hungry and then at the end of it went off to hog in the middle of the night. After a heart-full platter of various types of food, we called out ‘good night’ to each other back at the hotel and crashed Tuesday 23rd Nov, we were up and dressed again at 6:00 am, after a short refreshment session of chai and all, we zipped off into a rather eventful day, this time, on the road. As we rode into Mumbai the city was already bustling at 8 a.m. in the morning but we managed to get out of city limits well within time and hit the highway to Gujarat. Ah… after 7 days, the highway to home was just so clearly visible at this juncture for the 1st time. Next stop was for breakfast where we gulped down some food and some took a quick nap too. Off again in about 30 minutes, we were confident that we’d make it home today, the farthest destination being Ahmedabad. Finally as each of us had swept and managed to get to Baroda safely. That’s where we ate, hugged and bid good-bye and finally slept. home run: 24th Nov 2010, we woke up at leisure and Varun and I zipped to Ahmedabad, the last 110 kms in 1& ½ hours, fully refreshed to narrate these endless tales of the ride of our lives to eagerly curious friends. Each picture taken in the trip (almost everyone who had a camera has close to 350+ pictures) has a story to tell. This camaraderie won’t die away so soon for sure. The madness that has bestowed us in this trip is beyond compare and is as precious as the most expensive gems in world. I would like to heartily thank Royal Enfield for organizing such a grand event like Rider Mania 2010 and making my first ever trip to Goa so very memorable.

dealer profile ing from scratch due to difficult situations prevailing in the region. Not a single motorcycle had been sold for a span of about 10 years during the militancy problem. It took a lot of effort and time to restore the status of the bike since it had lost its fame during that tenure. Within no time Royal Enfield got popular with the rich farmers of the district and soon became the status symbol among the rich in the city. The day to day activity of the Royal Enfield business is being looked after by Kanav Aggarwal now who is the 3rd generation into this family business. He says, "I personally started looking after this business in the year 2005 but then went off to do my MBA from Cardiff, UK in the year 2006 and came back in 2008 and rejoined the business. Personally to me Royal Enfield has a lot of sentiments attached to since it is the oldest business we are running as of date. Secondly the motorcycle itself is a legend in itself just for the simple fact that it is probably amongst the few motorcycles which has sustained all changing scenarios in the world since 1932 and this machine has been selling with almost the same technology since then." Kanav further adds "I myself love the performance of the machine and the 1st bike I ever rode in my life was the machismo 350cc owned by one of my friends. Even though I could only take it a short distance as I could not balance the monster machine I promised myself I would own one someday. I just have one ambition set for myself with this dealership i.e. to become the most customer friendly dealership in terms of service and sales satisfaction. Thanks to the team I have now I am optimistic that we are progressing very fast towards it." He concludes - "We have recently moved from our old showroom to a new one, which has roughly 3000 sq ft of showroom area and 3000 sq ft of workshop area. Today we are in a position to service 70 motorcycles a day easily. I'm not a hardcore bulletier but yes I am still trying to convince my family to let me own one for my pleasure riding. Just to fulfil this dream we have started a small riding club in Amritsar where we just do short trips of up to 100 km's to just to break out from our daily routine."

Across Generations –
Serving Royal Enfield customers


aycee Motors Corporation - a unit of Jaycee Group having an annual turnover of Rs 370 crores has been an authorized dealer of Royal Enfield motorcycles since 1964 providing sales and after sales services The journey for Jaycee started in the year 1952 with a vision seen by Mr. M.P. Aggarwal. They were appointed as Distributors of NBC Bearings for the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal & J&K. Then in 1953 they were appointed as Distributors for Hind Cycles for the states of Punjab & Haryana. As a part of the trading activities they have also been dealing in fertilizers since 1969 as distributors for Chambal Fertilizers, Shriram Fertilizers and National Fertilizers. The group today is also involved in various manufacturing activities having facilities at Amritsar, Faridabad & Bahadurgarh. They manufacture Auto Parts & Tractor Parts as O.E. suppliers to JCB, Escorts Construction, Mahindra & Mahindra, , International Tractors, and many more manufacturers. They are also manufacturing Diesel Generators under a JV with Eicher Engines catering to demand of telecom and industrial sectors etc. Their Royal Enfield business has seen many ups and downs during the last 4 decades. Initially the businesses, was looked after by Mr M.P. Aggarwal along with his brothers and were appointed sub dealers of Madras Motorcycle Co. Ltd. Putting it in the words of Mr Aggarwal "I still remember the price of the 1st

Bullet sold was Rs 4000/- approx and the dealer margin was Rs 100. At that time quotas were fixed for production and the order booking was supposed to be done almost 8 months in advance. The only model available at that time was the Bullet 350 after which a Mini Bullet, Fury, Mofa were launched in succession." Mr Suresh Aggarwal started looking after the Royal Enfield business in the early nineties right after Punjab came out of the crisis. At that time it was again like start-

rider mania

Royal enfield Rider Mania 2010 text by praveen p sathaye photographs by praveen p sathaye

& cécile


th nov 2010, as the sun slowly descended over the horizon, the quiet surroundings of Vagator Hill Top was broken by the steady and loud thump of a lone Royal Enfield motorcycle. A Well kitted rider on a motorcycle sporting Kerala State registration plates, he had travelled nearly a 1000 kms that day just to make sure he reached the largest biker festival in time. A few questions asked, pleasantries exchanged with the Royal Enfield crew at the site and off he was towards the nearby hotel to unpack and crash out for the day and prepare for the celebrations that would formally kick off the next day; the Royal Enfield Rider mania 2010. 19th nov 2010; the bright pleasant morning saw scores of riders trickling in from all over the country as they rode into the venue and were guided to an exclusive parking lot where they parked their shiny


contraptions of chrome and metal and after registrations walked into the event area. Complete strangers, exchanging just casual smiles at the registrations counter shared their individual ride stories as they walked into the venue and collected their Rider Mania goodies, stickers for the helmet/bike and a bright red tee shirt for the event. A lot of them immediately changed into this new t-shirt to show their solidarity while some still proudly had their last year’s t shirts on. As the day proceeded, this parking lot became a notable collection of metal and chrome shining brightly in the brilliant sunlight. The riders walked inside and after the casual look around started off by gorging the food and beer. Yes, what perhaps caught the attention of these riders was the beer offer, quite refreshing for the sunny afternoon. Some of them also relaxed around in the lounge area where motorcycling movies were screened for them and books and magazines on Royal Enfield

and general motorcycling were placed for their reading pleasure. Conversations got initiated as people saw more familiar faces from past events and also got acquainted with newer people from different places. One common factor bonding them – The Thump – and one common point of discussion – Their motorcycle and The Ride they undertook to reach the place. The events started off late afternoon with the popular `figure of 8’ being the first biking skill event where a team of 4 had to do a closed course in between the palm trees and complete a “figure of 8”. Being the first event it was one big mobilizer of the crowd who immediately gathered around the events area to witness the same. This event did attract quite a number of participants as all of them wanted to test their biking skills and almost all of them swore by the capability of their bikes to undertake such a manoeuvre. Ashok Naidu, in his late 50’s from Pune had flown in from Pune as he couldn’t get his

Grand entrance to the venue

The Trials

bike along said “I wanted to participate in this event so i teamed up with some of my old friends and rode one of their bikes. Our team did a good run and we came in 3rd. I may not have my bike here but i am not going to miss out on the fun!” Indeed it was this spirit with which a lot of riders all over the country (and world) rode into Rider Mania 2010. A few minutes later the second event, the `Slow Race` took place where the riders had to ride over a short distance in a straight line and the guy to ride in last without stalling or keeping the feet on the ground was the winner. All this while the pace of the events was maintained by the crowd tapping away to some peppy numbers by India`s No 1 Rock DJ “BlackJack” and the air was alive with the sounds of strumming guitars and vociferating thumps of the Royal Enfield machines. Throughout the day the “Custom Bikes” kept rolling in and were lined up for display for the competition. As the sun went

Slow Race




The Music

Custom Machines-Works of Art

Beer guzzling competition

Women’s Arm wrestling

down on the first day`s events the crowd gathered around the centre stage and were treated to a mind-blowing performance by the Bangalore based band “Thermal & a Quarter”, whose Lead singer Bruce, himself a self confessed Bullet rider and fan since 1996, kept the crowd dancing and screaming late into the night. The day ended on a great note as the bikers rode back from the venue after getting to know what was in store for them at this event in the coming 2 days. 20th nov 2010: the 2nd day of Royal Enfield Rider Mania was much warmer in terms of weather as well as the response of the crowd. A prominent club from Bangalore rode in bikes in a staggered formation, showing their excitement with a rhythmic set of honks and throttle blips announcing their arrival in style. They were greeted at the venue entrance by old friends meeting after a long time as well as curious onlookers who wanted to know more about them. A customary group photograph was clicked under the large Rider Mania banner hung on the main gate, and the riders walked in to join in the celebrations. The proceedings of the day began with the Dirt track races for the 350 cc and the 500 cc Royal Enfield motorcycles. This outdoor event took place on a specially constructed circuit where a huge wigwam was placed and the DJ played some good music to match with the sound of the revving thumpers in the pits. The races started with the roar of engines as the riders opened throttles to negotiate the first uphill section of the course. The circuit was quite bumpy with grass on some curves making it quite a challenge for the riders. The event had its share of spills and thrills. The thumping roar of the engines kept the atmosphere alive as Pravin Patil and Baljeet Gill respectively walked away with the 1st


rider mania
Enfield Rider Mania started off rather easy on Sunday. The hot action packed races and musical nights of earlier days had been quite a thing for most of the Royal Enfield riders present there. The day started off with the Cleanest Bike competition and out came the polished metal and shiny chrome. A Bullet from Goa immaculately maintained walked away with the trophy. After that was the ‘Assembly Wars’ competition where teams of 4 had to remove the front wheel, rear wheel, throttle cable and clutch cable from the motorcycle, run across a short distance to get them inspected and then put them back on the motorcycle and ride it out. The team from Goa with all their screaming, shouting and heaving managed to do it in a very short time and rode off with the trophy. A movie ‘On Any Sunday’ played for the viewing of the motorcycling enthusiasts gathered at the lounge as these competitions went on. Later in the afternoon the Beer Guzzling competition and the Arm Wrestling competition started, where even the women did not step back and guzzled pints, flexed their muscles to fight for the trophies. John Smith who came in 3rd in the beer guzzling competition took it all in Great Spirit. He hails from the UK and with his wife Trudy, has been in India for quite some time and a familiar face at Royal Enfield events. “Its fun to take part in these events, competing with fellow riders with whom I share the bond of being a Royal Enfield Rider”, he said. In the afternoon, all the Royal Enfields rode out for the Celebration Ride, as a show of solidarity, brotherhood, pride and spreading a message to the locals about safe riding by donning helmets and maintaining strict discipline on the road. It was a sight to see hundreds of Royal Enfield machines ride one behind the other in a single file thumping in unison and the awestruck bystanders admiring the machines with dropped jaws or wide smiles. Cécile Cellerier, a photographer from France was visiting Rider Mania with her friends and found the whole collection of motorcycles an absolutely awesome sight. “I have always been fascinated by the Bullet motorcycle as many of my friends in Chennai have this. I rode down from Mumbai to Goa with my friends to attend the Rider Mania and what an experience it has been.”, she added with a pronounced French accent “I also rode a bullet for the first time in my life and what fun it was” In the evening the prize distribution ceremony happened where winners of the events of the day were handed over their trophies and felicitated on stage. The Most popular custom bike results were also announced and the undisputed winner was the rather radical but awesome Royal Enfield 3 C concept bike by Javeen Mathew from Kerala. Javeen was ecstatic with his victory and came on stage, along with his wife, his patient partner in this significant venture, to receive the award. Later in the evening the rock band ‘Tidal Waves’ performed some of the most popular rock numbers and set the evening on fire and the bikers took to head banging with renewed enthusiasm. As the music went soft by the late night, the bikers all bid goodbyes to each other promising to be back at Rider Mania 2011 next year in November and celebrate THE THUMP THAT BINDS. Someone had rightly said, at Royal Enfield Rider Mania you meet as strangers, ride as friends and bond as brothers.

The Celebration Ride Lineup

position prize in the 350 cc and the 500 cc categories respectively as the crowd braved the heat and stood around the track cheering for their favourites. Baljeet Gill AKA Chotu, as he is affectionately called was extremely happy with his victory “I am feeling simply great, awesome” he said, his trusted mechanic Alex also joined in the celebration amidst claps and cheers. The special guests of honour at the event this day were Dr Venki Padmanabhan, COO Royal Enfield and Mr Shaji Koshy, DGM Marketing Royal Enfield who came all the way to Rider Mania to interact with the fans and the fanatics of the `Thumping Machines`. They had a great time interacting with all the riders and their families as well as the media. A short break saw the Custom bikes being judged by the jury panel. The bikes were judged based on the theme behind their customization, aesthetic appeal and the prominent `sound`, of the legendary Thump. The second session outdoors was the Trials where the motorcyclist had to negotiate the marked course and had to cross tyres, boulders, bales of hay et al on their Royal Enfield Machines. This was perhaps one of the most challenging events of all as only 9 of the 21 starters managed to finish. All through the day the crowd was kept on their toes and swaying to some good chart busting music by DJ BlackJack and as evening descended on the venue Trance and House music took over as DJ Ghani set the whole venue ablaze with his best of Contemporary/Trance Mixes. The Prize distribution happened in the evening where trophies and gift vouchers were presented to the winners of the events over the 2 days of Rider Mania. This day being a weekend the venue was definitely bustling with a larger crowd. 21st nov 2010: The Last day of Royal

Biker slogans

Heart of the Matter

rider profile
Tejas Dutta and his Black Electra

ailing from Delhi, Tejas Dutta a young 27 year old Marine Engineer spends almost half of the year out at sea, on mighty ships. So whatever time he gets back on land he cherishes it in doing what he loves most. One of his core passions is riding out on hi Royal Enfield Electra. The motorcycle definitely speaks volumes of the personal attention Tejas has given in doing it up. Yes his motorcycle has been customised and looks like one mean black monster. Besides the customary escapes further north from Delhi to beat the heat, Tejas undertook one of his longest rides this year, down to Goa. He rode off form Delhi to attend the Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2010 and after riding down through Rajasthan, Gujrat and Mumbai eventually turned towards the NH 17 on his way to Goa. Relying completely on his instincts and his trusted Black low slung Bullet (with a noticeable loud thump, due to the custom exhaust pipe). Riding alone for most of this ride he teamed up with some riders from Mumbai who were going to Goa for the Royal Enfield Rider Mania and rode along with them. Accompanying him on


Master Mariner
Riding down to Goa

Tejas on Stage after winning the Arm wrestling competition

this ride is his DSLR which he uses liberally capturing every significant moment of the ride, taking back countless memories with him after each ride. A fitness freak, he maintains a strict regime of pumping iron when on board his ship and boasts

biceps to be envious of. Bagging first place in the Arm Wrestling competition at the Rider Mania Tejas clearly demonstrates that form follows function and proudly flexed his muscles as he took the prize at the awards function at the end. Soft-spoken but with a sense of humour to match, he did win many friends on this ride as he has been on his earlier adventures. Having seen the perils of sea-life he understands that risk is something that needs to be tackled intelligently and exercises the same caution while riding. He will almost always be seen fully kitted up and negotiating highway traffic with skill, not getting into any tight spots. He definitely looks forward to spending more and more time on his bike and ride out mostly all by himself, being one with the road and nature, clicking away with his camera, whenever he is back on shore. If some day you come across a big burly matt black loud Royal Enfield Bullet Electra with a prominent red star on its tank and the rider in navy blue overalls and protective riding gear, be sure it’s Tejas on one of his rides around the country.


Royal enfield at international Motorshows:
NEC Carole Nash Motorcycle Show Birmingham oyal Enfield was represented at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live at The NEC, Birmingham by the UK distributer Watsonian Squire and few officials from India. This exhibition drew a crowd of nearly 100,000 people, who braved the rather bad November weather to make it to this fest. Starting from Nov 27th 2010, this 9 day event almost ran packed days with prominent


manufacturers showcasing their products and unique concepts here. The Show had 38 manufacturers and almost 200 other exhibitors’ displaying their contraptions and ideas and showcasing special interactive themes thus giving visitors nonstop entertainment at the show Royal Enfield showcased the Classic range of motorcycles apart from the Fury, a flat tracker variant customised by Watsonian Squire in the UK and powered by the 500 cc fuel injected powerplant. The Fury would appeal to a young motorcycle enthusiast owing to its inspired design, wider handlebars; completely changed seating unit, chrome headlight, chrome indicators and twin exhausts. This model also attracted quite a number of accolades owing to its unique paint scheme and flat tracker design. The other major attraction at the Royal Enfield pavilion was the Wizard’s ride. Yes! Mr R.L Ravichandran the motorcycle that Harry (CEO, Royal Enfield) on the motorcycle featured in the Potter used in his latest Harry Potter blockbuster flick “The Deathly Hallows.”

The Watsonian Squire pavilion with various sidecar designs The Royal Enfield Fury

Although Royal Enfield had supplied these motorcycles to the producer of the movie long time back, they were tight lipped about it till the movie was nearing completion. This motorcycle also proved a big hit amongst young children who for a large fan base of the teen wizard. On display were a number of interesting attachments/contraptions like closed side cars, trailers etc for the motorcycle from Watsonian Squire who are pioneer manufacturers of sidecars in the world.

los angeles international motor show
After clearing the stringent California emission norms earlier in the year Royal Enfield appended its efforts towards this region by participating in the Los Angeles International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach California. The booth also featured a prominent side-car combo on a 500 cc Royal Enfield besides the Classic 500 motorcycles. A lot of the visitors were quite inquisitive about getting their Royal Enfields in California now, as earlier it used to be quite a task for them. Visitors were quite amazed to see the unique combination of classic retro appeal and styling combined with modern technology and emissions in a single unique package. Curious potential buyers never ran out of questions at the booth about these motorcycles and their advent in California.

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flash Back

Royal Enfield Flying Flea
The Royal Enfield Flying Flea was one of the most exciting of all models owing to its heroic role in World War II. Having the origin of its design in a German built DKW, this motorcycle was officially called the “RE” and was powered by a 125 cc engine. This machine played a pivotal role in the war as its most dramatic use was by the Royal Air Force paratroopers. The motorcycle was placed in a special Royal Enfield designed steel tubular ‘cage’ which had a parachute attached to the same. Dropped from an aircraft this bike would float down along with the paratroopers who then would then achieve great mobility over the rough terrain. This was a motorcycle which could tackle the challenges of war-torn landscapes and also proved to be a great means of transport in civilian life as well. It was this versatility which prompted Royal Enfield to continue production of this motorcycle even after the end of the war in 1945. The civilian version was equipped with some more creature comforts and painted in a utilitarian black colour. With a top speed of about 45 MPH and a fuel efficiency of 100 MPG this soon became a very popular runabout. The subsequent variant which appeared in 1948 had the speed increased to 47 MPH. 1950 saw a major turn in this motorcycle as it got telescopic front forks, a larger section tyre, deeper fuel tank and a much needed colour change from Black to a classy looking Silver Grey. The following year the motorcycle got a new frame and engine and was officially christened the “RE2” This motorcycle formed the base for the development of the next model from Royal Enfield namely the Ensign which was launched in 1952 powered by a 148 cc engine.



Bulls of shimoga (B.o.s).


n June 10th 2009, with few of his friends Kennith Harsha went to Ladakh on some 2 stroke motorcycles. They did have quite a successful ride but the low oxygen levels and the need for frequent gear changing while climbing made the ride one difficult endeavor. It was here that he saw that the Royal Enfield motorcycles were cruising across this harsh and formidable terrain in a rather easy manner. It was this unique capability of the Royal Enfield motorcycle which left him awestruck and impressed. During his ride he noticed that barring their 6 bikes almost all the other riders around were riding on Royal Enfields. After coming back from the Leh ride he immediately purchased his first Royal Enfield, the Bullet 350 1986 model and got hooked on to the legendary thumper. Initially he found it slightly difficult to ride owing to its peculiarities but in a few days’ time and effort it was easy for him to ride the thumper. Soon he and three of his friends Dolphy, Karthik & Nagu started doing long rides on their Royal Enfield motorcycles and a brotherhood formed. They didn’t have a formal club at that time but on many of their rides they met and interacted with some Bullet Club members and got motivated to form their own club. Once the club was formally formed they started looking out for like-minded passionate bullet riders in and around their area. Within a few days they were able to find five more Royal Enfield Riders and the member count increased. Kennith rode to Goa to attend the Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2010 and met loads of Royal Enfield riders from all over the country and rode back to Shimoga with very pleasant memories and a trophy to boot. It was time to focus on the club again but they found it quite difficult

to find the name for the club; and at last settled down for a traditional name “Bulls of Shimoga” (BOS). The club was formally inaugurated on 11-12-2010 and a brotherhood was born. The main helmsmen of the ‘Bulls of Shimoga’ are a bunch of enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant riders. The foundation & backbone of the club is Kennith Harsha Kotian. He is a very passionate rider and loves to ride on dirt and twisties. Kennith is a proud owner of 3 Royal Enfield motorcycles, a 1968 Bullet 350, a 1986 Bullet 350 and a Machismo LB 500. Dolphy Pinto; affectionately known as the 'sweeper of the club' as he often is the tailing guy on rides, is a mechanic with a sound knowledge of Royal Enfield bikes, rides a Bullet 350cc 1961 model. Karthik Naidu is youngest rider of the club and a very passionate bulleteer and volun-

teers to do almost all the club work. He rides a Bullet 350 1985 model bike. Nagabhushan, known for his jovial nature and sense of humour almost has everyone in splits with his wise cracks and jokes. He rides a 500 cc Machismo. H. K. Kashifa Ahmed, the well built bullet rider of the club and a good technician, owns the Royal Enfield showroom in Shimoga. He rides his 350 cc 1985 model bike. Rokesh. G better known as Rocky, rides a 350 cc TBTS. Abhishek another amicable fellow rides a new 350 cc Electra Twin Spark. Suresh A S, is the senior most

rider of the club and is often looked up as the main guiding force of the club; he rides a Bullet 350 cc 1985 model bike. One of the first rides after the club was formally established was a ride to Agumbe. They have often ridden with each other purely as friends but the feeling of the Thump that binds was altogether different when riding as a club. Agumbe is famous for being second highest rain forest in India and a popular tourist destination. The ride started at 6 AM in the morning, and it was very cold with a thick blanket of mist almost covering the road. It was indeed very difficult to ride in the cold wind and with poor visibility it was difficult to make out oncoming traffic. But harsh riding conditions aren’t what stops adventure bugs. They rode with caution and reached Agumbe around 9 AM, but still suffered from low visibility due to the dense mist. This winter ride was definitely one of the most adventurous and exciting ones the club has had in a while, but the icing on the cake was the reaction of the other tourists and bystanders to this group of thumping majestic machines. The riders ended up being the center of attraction of the time. A lot of people holidaying in this region were impressed by the thumping machines and some even requested to be given a short ride on the machines. Some of the bystanders were so thrilled that they too wanted to own a bullet. The riders left Agumbe at 12 noon and went for a small dirt ride inside the forest. The ride was one filled with thrill and fun, including its share of spills. The group then proceeded for lunch to Thirthahalli around 2 in the afternoon and then reached Shimoga back at 5:30, just before sundown. Being one of the first rides this one was definitely an experience for many to remember and cherish. With time the club definitely is slated to grow and get more and more ambitious in terms of rides and other activities.


Fieldsheer Mach2 Mesh Jacket
The Fieldsheer Mach 2 Mesh jacket has been one of the most popular jackets from this well-known riding gear manufacturer. The one reviewed in this article is the 2007 model that has actually been upgraded slightly in the past 3 years into an altogether new model but older stocks are still available online for great deals. The main advantage of this jacket (like other mesh jackets in general) is the comfort in hot weather conditions as the mesh allows cool air to pass through. The removable thermal liner (that can be zipped on the inside of the jacket) makes this jacket usable even during cold weather conditions, a fact which was borne out during the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2010 where I wore this jacket in the coldest conditions possible. The only disadvantage is that the inner liner is not waterproof hence during wet weather one would require a waterproof outer shell to be worn over the jacket. The CE-approved armour provided in the jacket for the elbows (long enough to cover the forearm), shoulders and the back have been designed for the riders comfort. One of the primary reasons for opting for the Fieldsheer Mach 2 Mesh is that it also features abrasion resistant “leather” patches in place of the mesh on the shoulders, elbows, stomach, and parts of the back. This adds another level of protection, as these are the most common abrasion points on a riding jacket in case of a fall. The jacket has a Velcro adjustable, micro-fleece collar with padding, which adds to the rider’s comfort. The reflective strips on this jacket make it highly visible at night. An 8-inch waist zip connector at the back allows the jacket to be attached to compatible Fieldsheer pants. rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

BOOk review technical jargon it does define the experience in simple understandable words. However there is a slight shade of overkill because even otherwise simple incidents and occurrences have been over described at a couple of occasions making it sound more like a rather generous usage of vocabulary rather than a clear cut description of feelings, perceptions and experiences. The unique thing about this book is that it describes India as an Indian sees and experiences. One Life to Ride written by Ajit Harisinghani describes in detail the adventurous tour almost bordering on being labelled as an expedition of the author from Pune to the pinnacle of motorcycling adventure, Ladakh. The journey gets sparked off owing to a promise to a dying friend and a lifelong love admiration almost bordering on devotion to the legendary Royal Enfield motorcycle. Although this book doesn’t highlight the intricacies of the motorcycle or load you with Somewhere when any foreign author describes his journey around India the descriptions and words always depict his amazement at the warmth but in this case it comes across as narration of expected behaviour. Ajit knows what to expect from people in India and when he sees it he just affirms the same through this book. Ajit Harisinghani has spun a wonderful narrative of a journey where you almost feel as if you are riding pillion on a 4,300 kilometre adventure from Pune in west-central India all the way north, through Jaipur and New Delhi, all the way up to Leh and Jammu. Humour too has found its place in this epic narrative of adventure where he makes small jabs on typicality and tendencies we all exhibit from time to time. Highly recommended, this book actually makes a great surprise gift to busy people who would just need an excuse to skip out of their mundane lives and see the more descriptive and highly interesting life of a motorcyclist travelling around the country without actually going there. Although it does not contain any tips or tricks on how to ride and maintain your motorcycle nor does the book suggest how to ride over difficult terrain but still does narrate interesting aspects of the riding lifestyle from time to time. This book makes a great read for people who ride and ride far but will also inspire a once been biker to take brush the dust off his motorcycle and take to the road. The book does not have many photographs of the ride, the terrain or the adventures but the language and usage of descriptive vocabulary actually puts the image right in front of your eyes without straining your imagination. The reader is often transported to the hills, and dusty terrain of Ladakh and those who have been there almost instantly get reminded of their past adventure. This book is not just a story of an old guy riding out to the hills, some adventures which the author narrates removes the age aspect as what he feels and narrates is what anyone of any age would have felt and expressed. Though not a single long narrative this is composed of numerous short stories as each one unfurls as the author makes his epic journey. There is however a small side-effect associated with reading this book; if you are not a motorcycle adventure or travel enthusiast this book just might make you one. rating: ★ ★ ★



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...them. I respect and thank MISS., for giving me an opportunity to do the project work of ROYAL ENFIELD and providing us all support and guidance which made me complete the project on time I owe my profound gratitude to our project guide MISS. PRABHNOOR, who took keen interest on our project work and guided us all along, till the completion of our project work by providing all the necessary information for developing a good system. I am thankful to and fortunate enough to get constant encouragement, support and guidance from all staffs of ROYAL ENFIELD which helped us in successfully completing our project work. INTRODUCTION Royal Enfield was the brand name under which the Enfield Cycle Company (founded 1893) manufactured motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines. The first Royal Enfield motorcycle was built in 1901; the original British concern was defunct by 1970. The Enfield Cycle Company is responsible for the design and original production of the Royal Enfield Bullet, the longest-lived motorcycle design in history. The Enfield Cycle Company began business as a weapons manufacturer, most famous for the Enfield rifle. This legacy is reflected in the company logo, a cannon, and their motto, "Made Like A Gun". In 1955, Enfield Cycle Company partnered with Madras Motors in India in forming Enfield of India, based in Chennai, and started assembling the 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras. The first...

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... Saved Papers Home Page » Business and Management Royal Enfeild Pestel Analysis In: Business and Management Royal Enfeild Pestel Analysis A Cult Motorcycle From India Takes On the World The Royal Enfield Motors factory in Chennai, India. The brand sold nearly 175,000 motorcycles in 2013. By SAMANTH SUBRAMANIAN Published: January 3, 2014 NEW DELHI, India — The Royal Enfield Bullet, often described as the oldest continuously produced motorcycle in the world, is a cult product for enthusiasts who love it for its vintage feel as much as for the thrum of its engine. Muscular and pliant, the Bullet — an Indian-made avatar of an old British brand — has found renewed popularity over the last few years, as leisure motorcycling in India has blossomed. Its manufacturer, Royal Enfield Motors, sold almost 175,000 motorcycles —Bullets as well as three other brands — in 2013. The company is now looking to push harder into British and American markets, hoping to follow in the wake of other Indian motor vehicle manufacturers that have competed hard with overseas brands even as their peers in other industries have struggled. Royal Enfield’s newest model, a midsize “cafe racer” called the Continental GT, was introduced at an elaborate event in London in September. “It’s the first bike that we’ve developed keeping the world market in mind,” said Siddhartha Lal, who is credited with turning Royal Enfield around. Mr. Lal, age 40, is the chief executive of Eicher......

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... Eicher Engineering Components & Eicher Engineering Solutions  Heavy Duty Breakthrough  Medium Duty Engine Project 5 6 Royal Enfield Financials Investor Presentation 2 Eicher Motors Limited – Journey so far… India’s first tractor rolls out of Eicher factory in Faridabad Forms JV with AB Royal Enfield motorcycles acquired Enters HD trucks segment Volvo of Sweden; transfers CV business to the JV 1959 1984 JV with Mitsubishi Motors to make ‘Canter’ trucks 1991 1993 JV with Mitsubishi ended, enters MD bus segment 2002 2005 Divests tractor and allied businesses to focus on CV and motorcycle businesses 2008 Investor Presentation 3 Moving forward... 1 Eicher Motors Limited - Journey So far... 2 3 4 Eicher Motors Limited Overview India’s Economic Growth and Opportunities for Commercial Vehicles Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited    Eicher Trucks & Buses Volvo Trucks India Eicher Engineering Components & Eicher Engineering Solutions  Heavy Duty Breakthrough  Medium Duty Engine Project 5 6 Royal Enfield Financials Investor Presentation 4 Eicher Motors Limited Overview Retail Investors 11.8% Institutional Investors 24.6% Volvo A.B. 8.4% 55.2% Promoter Group 45.6% EML 54.4% Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Investor Presentation Royal Enfield 5 Eicher Management Philosophy Break-through Market Business Model  An evolved business model with 50+ years......

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Pest Analysis of Royal Enfilde

...A STUDY ON “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS ROYAL ENFIELD BIKES IN HSR SERVICES” IN BENGALURU. A Project Report is Submitted by GANESHA B USN: 1SI15MBA25 Under the Guidance of Internal Guide External Guide DR.V.V.Mani Asst.Professor PGDMS &RC , SIT Tumkur SIDDAGANGA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENTS SL. NO | PART A | PAGE NO | | Executive summary | | 1. | Industry Profile | | 2. | Company Profile | | 3. | Mc Kinsey`s 7`s framework | | 4. | SWOT Analysis | | SL.NO | PART B | PAGE NO | 1. | General introduction | | | * Statement of the problem | | | * Research design of the study | | | * Objectives of the study | | | * Scope of the study | | | * Methodology | | | * Limitations of the study | | 2. | Analysis ,interpretation of results, Findings & Suggestions | | 3. | Conclusions | | 4. | Annexure | | 5. | Bibliography | | PART-A 1. INDUSTRY PROFILE :- THE FIRST......

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4 C Analysis Premium Bikes

... Lately the focus is now shifting from easy mode of transportation to leisure and adventure rides. This is where the premium bikes set in. The sales of 200-500cc bikes have grown at the rate of 35% over the last three years in India. The slow economy and the high inflation during 2012-13 brought down the two wheeler sales to 3.9% compared to 14% growth in the year before. However there was a sudden surge in the sales of the high-powered bikes by about 10% compared to the previous year. Over 248,000 bikes in the 200-500cc category were sold in the last fiscal year. A key player in the 200-500cc bike segment is Royal Enfield of India ,Siddhartha Lal , MD of Eicher Motors which manufactures Royal Enfield, said in an interview that “the world is converging on mid-size motorcycles”, whose global market size he estimated to be at around 700,000. Royal Enfield accounted for 100,000 of these. Financial year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Motorcycles 4,965 5,811 6,547 5,768 5,832 7,341 9,019 250cc 28 29 30 36 43 50 54 4 C Analysis Customer Demographic advantage : youth driven economy The biggest buyers are enthusiasts who consider biking as leisure activity. They include young entrepreneurs,...

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Royal Enfield Case Study

...and US markets. Despite being in a precarious situation then, Royal Enfield managed to successfully resist the competition and emerge as a leader in the mid-segment. From sales figures as low as 30000 in 2004, the company managed to pull off a whooping 175000 sales figure in 2013. Over the years, the company has undergone a makeover, both, technically and aesthetically, in the kind of products it has to offer. The “Classic Series”, “New Thunderbird 500”, and the latest feather on the cap – the Continental GT café racer have positioned brand RE to appeal to all...

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...he year 2000 could have been decisive. That was when the board of directors at Eicher Motors decided to either shut down or sell off Royal Enfield – the company’s Chennai-based motorcycle division, which manufactured the iconic Bullet motorbikes. For all its reputation, the sales of the bike was down to 2,000 units a month against the plant’s installed capacity of 6,000; losses had been mounting for years. Though the bikes had diehard followers, there were also frequent complaints about them – of engine seizures, snapping of the accelerator or clutch cables, electrical failures and oil leakages. Many found them too heavy, difficult to maintain, with the gear lever inconveniently positioned and a daunting kick-start. Just one person stood up to the board, insisting Royal Enfield should get another chance. He was Siddhartha Lal, a third generation member of the Delhi-based Lal family, promoters of the Eicher group of companies. Lal, then 26, was an unabashed Bullet fan: he even rode a redcoloured Bullet while leading the baraat (procession) to his wedding venue, instead of the traditional horse. “The board agreed to give me a chance,” says Lal. “It was not because of its confidence in me, but because the business was doing so badly it could hardly get any worse.” THE PROBLEM Despite the bikes’ fan following, the motorcycle division was bleeding THE WAY OUT Appealing to a wider base, making the products more reliable THE CHALLENGE Modernising the bikes without......

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Article About Eicher Motors

...Ashvin Shetty, an automobile analyst with Ambit Capital, started tracking Eicher Motors four years ago when the stock was priced at Rs 1,300. It hit a new record of Rs 21,580 on July 3, two days after the company reported 48 per cent growth in the sales of its Royal Enfield motorcycles in June, and closed at Rs 20,367 on Tuesday. This growth is over 15-fold, way ahead of all other two-wheeler companies. During this period, the Hero MotoCorp stock grew 36 per cent, Bajaj Auto grew 79 per cent and TVS Motors 408 per cent. "Its volumes," Shetty says while explaining the phenomenal rise in the Eicher Motors stock, "have grown quickly in the last two to three years. The improved mileage and refinement have changed Royal Enfield from a bike for weekend leisure to everyday use. It has started appealing to buyers across age groups unlike earlier when someone in his 20s would not identify strongly with the brand." Above all, he says, it is the commitment of promoter Siddhartha Lal that has made Eicher Motors the favourite of investors. For Lal, the 41-year-old managing director and chief executive officer of Eicher Motors, May 15 was an extraordinary day. On that day the company became the second most valued company in the Indian two-wheeler space, overtaking the Munjal family-promoted Hero MotoCorp that enjoys a market cap of Rs 51,000 crore. Bajaj Auto remains the most valued two-wheeler maker at Rs 74,500 crore. At Rs 55,000 crore, analysts say Eicher Motors is 'fairly......

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