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Royal Stag Marketing Report

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Industry Overview

The Indian liquor industry is a highly competitive industry with strong brands, diversified portfolios and large operations to achieve market leadership positions. The key success factors for the leading players are the need to have operations across various states and also brand salience. While whiskey demand has been gradually declining in the western markets, the demand is rising in India and Asian countries. As per preliminary estimates from International Wine and Spirits Record, the sale of premium whisky has grown to 19.5% in 2010, beating the overall growth of the domestic liquor market by over 3%. This coupled with rising disposable income in the region has made India and other Asian countries an attractive market for MNCs with strong whiskey brands, leading to stiff competition between domestic companies like United Spirits, Radico Khaitan and Allied Blenders & Distillers and foreign manufacturers Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Bacardi for the top position.

Royal Stag: Introduction
Royal Stag is an Indian-made foreign liquor. It is a blended whisky and is a blend of imported Scotch Malts and selected Indian Grain Sprits. Seagram’s markets it in India. It is produced in several distilleries, some are company-owned and others bottler-owned. One of the key reasons for the brand’s success is its quality that is always same. Seagram has launched this brand especially for Indian market and it’s a big hit.
Royal Stag is the leading whisky in the Indian market. It is placed in prestige category and priced to target the common man. As per their website it enjoys 27% of Indian market. Reasons behind its fast growth are Price and Quality. It is a Herculean task to match its price and quality. It seems to be the fastest growing brand in Indian market. Annual sales of Seagram’s Royal Stag whisky have crossed over one million cases.
Royal Stag...

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