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Roygbiv Lightwaves as Plant Growth

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ROYGBIV Colored Light Waves as Enhancer of the Photosynthetic Process and an Aid in Sustaining the Process without the Presence of Sunlight
In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements in Science 9

Basa, Jezrelle Anne B.
Butor, Christian Aris R.
Dagami, Danielle Amber M.
De Guia, Alyssa Eunice G.
This investigation focuses on how the ROYGBIV colored cellophanes can affect the plant growth of each plant. This research paper contains the different functions of colored light waves to a plant that may help for better and healthier plant growth. The light can affect the plants by using different color of light waves.
Each color has different function and uses but it depends to what color is the light will be used. As we all know, we need sunlight in order the plant to grow but in this research we can therefore conclude that plants can also grow without the presence of sunlight but instead we can use the ROYGBIV colored cellophane light waves in order the plant to grow. Also, we wanted to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers because it can affect the environmental issues and human health in a negative way. By avoiding the use of it we can attain the safety of our health and to avoid the negative effect in the plants and organisms that balance the organisms.
Upon trying many colors of light waves, we have proven that the red and blue colors have the greatest impact on the plant growth, while the green light appear to be the least effective because it only gives color green to the plants. We need to follow the correct process on how to use the light waves or otherwise, we can’t make this experimentation to be successful.

Acknowledgement This investigatory project won’t be possible without the following people who had contributed for the fulfillment of the study that our research team had conducted. These people had indeed rendered their time and...

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