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Who I Am As A Learner Education Essay
This test is analyzing where I stand as a leaner, how I can help myself to improve my performance by focusing on areas which are relevant to the study of any subject and which will have a significant influence on my mark or grade. As a student, we should responsible for my own learning and development there are skills can use to improve my performance. However the most important of this test to me is that it determines where I stand today and defines the direction for where I want myself to be successful in the future. The test is conducted on myself i.e. VARK, learning styles , MBTI, and Belbin, those outcome is justification based on my personal experience from various individual who know me to determine the trueness associated with the outcome. 1.1 Application of VARK Test The first test that I performed was the VARK questionnaire ‘How do I learn best’ (Appendix 1). The VARK is a questionnaire to provide users with a profile to their learning preferences for taking in and giving our information. The VARK consist of the 16 questions with four options, and the learner can select more than one option for each question. This instrument, recently updated, is free either as an online or printable version ( Other than this, VARK also provides students with an indication of their preferences for learning and as such it will indicate stronger and weaker preferences. Specifically, take the four preferences emphasized in the VARK questionnaire (visual, aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic) and make specific recommendations for how training can be designed to maximize learning for individual with each of these different preferences. For example a student with a strong Read/Write preference might learn to use Visual strategic for note-taking or expressing his/her learning. However, a student with strong Visual preference...

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