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Understanding Greek Life: An Analysis of the Experiences of Fraternity and Sorority Members
* 5 respondents * College graduate * No age limit * A member of any fraternity or sorority before 1990s
Research Questions: 1. Why do people join fraternities? 2. What specific reasons do students find membership appealing or beneficial? 3. What process do they undergo in order to be a member of the organization? 4. What benefits do did they receive or attain? (as a resident and an alumni) 5. What disadvantages did they experience as a resident? 6. How was their interpersonal relationship within (with the members) of the organization? 7. How was their intrapersonal relationship outside the organization (non members of the organization)? 8. How was their relationship with other fraternities and organizations? 9. What was the organizational hierarchy and how was leadership honed within the organization? 10. What (do you think or experience) misconception or stereotypical fallacies are associated towards fraternities? 11. What academic assistance was received as a member of the organization? 12. What were the organization’s personal effects? (Before and after) 13. What painful experiences did you experience as a recruit and as a member of the organization? 14. What is your concept of brotherhood? (As a member of the organization). 15. How did it affect their lives after school?

Research Objectives: 1. To identify the specific reasons why students find membership appealing or beneficial. 2. To determine why people join fraternities. 3. To discover the processes undergone in order to be a member of the organization. 4. To determine the benefits received from the fraternity. 5. To determine the disadvantages experienced 6. To determine the interpersonal relationship within fraternities. 7. To determine the intrapersonal relationship outside the fraternity. 8. To determine the relationship of the fraternities with other organizations. 9. To determine the fraternity’s hierarchy and how leadership is honed within the organization. 10. To determine the misconceptions or stereotypical fallacies associated with fraternities. 11. To determine the academic assistance received by the members of the fraternity. 12. To determine the personal effects of the fraternity on its members. 13. To determine the painful experiences underwent during recruitment and as a member of the fraternity. 14. To determine the concept of brotherhood in the light of the members. 15. To determine fraternities’ effect after school.

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