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Strategy & Performance Management at Siemens Belux and the role of the Management Cockpit War Room.
An interview with Guy Bourdoni, Chief Consultant, Siemens Belux by Juergen H. Daumii (

Since the fiscal year 2002, Siemens Belux no longer operates on the basis of traditional financial reporting and variance analysis, but instead based on a strategy-oriented, KPI-based management process. The most visible embodiment of this process is the Management Cockpit War Room in the basement of the Siemens Forum in Brussels, the headquarters of Siemens Belux. Here, the management holds quarterly controlling meetings with the different divisions, as well as adhoc crisis meetings. The introduction of the new management process and the Management Cockpit War Room has significantly changed the working methods of management, which have become more efficient and more effective as a Guy Bourdon consequence. In the following interview, conducted in March 2005, Guy Bourdon, the initiator of the new management process and person responsible for introducing the Management Cockpit War Room at Siemens Belux, speaks to Juergen H. Daum about the motivation behind the new management process, the use and introduction of the Management Cockpit War Room concept, and the results that have been achieved.

Portrait Siemens Belux: Siemens Belux is the Siemens group holding for the region of Belux (Belgium, Luxembourg) and West & Central Africa. The region generated revenue of €1.2 billion in the fiscal year 2004 (of which €377 million came from export) and on September 30, 2004, had 3,900 employees. The region is organized into six business divisions: Communications, IT Business Services, Power, Industry, Transportation, Building Technologies, and Medical Solutions. Added to this are six support functions, which are organized as Shared Services: Finance &...

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