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Rtz Corporation-Not Measuring Up

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RTZ Corporation used Carol Wheeling’s consulting firm to survey and score managers. CEO, Ronald Zeitland felt this was important to do a there are changes in a younger workforce, changing consumer tastes, and industry technological changes. Zeitland would like to evaluate the culture and employee satisfaction. The goal is to provide feedback in order to assure continuous improvement across a variety of criteria. The survey is used to highlight areas for improvement by showing manager and company strengths and weaknesses; anticipate problems areas; and provides help with individual job performance and help to explore the transforming culture as the company expands. Zeitland and Wheeling are reviewing supervisor, Cam Leslie’s results and are perplexed by the results, as he seems to have implemented changes from the last survey. He is more apparent in the department, increased meetings, and attempted to open up communications. A lot of results for Cam were in the neutral ranking, some considered him fair in workload distribution and achieving company goals. However, the survey also shows the employees do not feel he is good at employee engagement, and they don’t feel he back them up. It seems some of the reasoning for Zeitland doing the survey is for changes in the external environment, as there is a report of consumer taste changing. “Ultimately, your relationship with your clients is based on finding ways to influence them to purchase your products. Market research is used to determine the effectiveness of your marketing messages, and to decide what changes can be made to future marketing programs to improve sales.” (Root, III, “Five Components of a Company’s External Environment,” Demand Media, para. 2). However, it does not seem they are focusing directly on the customer. It appears they are looking to start with the internal environment of the employees, which may affect RTZ’s relationship with future customers. The focus is on the mangers and the employees should help create a more positive environment for the customer. “It is helpful to use your strength in quality production, customer service or operational efficiency to build competitive advantages that benefit your customers.” (Kokemuller, Demand Media, para. 4). I feel the main focus is on the internal environment, specifically improving how management works with their employees. Zeitland and Wheeling may want to Leslie to take a management aptitude question. By doing this they may have a better idea of what skills need improving. They would then be able to offer specific training to Leslie either through work training/seminars or college courses. The company may also want to explore some sort of performance evaluation and reward merit system. I would place Leslie in quadrant A. It appears he meets his performance goals but does not uphold cultural values. It seems cam does not meet the involvement culture, as he does not seem to place value on his employee’s needs and values. For Leslie to become more connected to his employees, I would recommend he work on his human skills. He seems to be weak in the area. His employees report he does not have good employee engagement and don’t feel he would back them up. He seems to be fair in workload distribution and follows through with achieving company goals. Perhaps he may want to take some training or courses on improving communication with his employees. He may want to take some time to learn a few personal interests of his employees, so he has some things to talk employees about. If he becomes more relatable to employees, they may feel they are able to trust him. From the survey results it appears Leslie is not a terrible supervisor. He has been implementing more changes and his employees feel he is fair in workload distribution, he follows through in achieving company goals; however, moral and satisfaction are low. It seems Leslie does not have strong human skills and his employees may not feel they can trust him or approach him. Perhaps if Leslie would learn some new communication skills to put in toolbox his survey results would increase. If his results would increase in another year, the company would be closer to achieving the results they would like to see for Leslie.

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