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Welcome to Ruby Tuesday 1

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday

BUS 100
Dr. Etta Steed

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday 2
Ruby Tuesday is a casual dining restaurant that I often visit with my family. On most occasions I am overwhelmed with the menu items. I tend to take long at ordering my food due to indecisiveness. The things that I noticed to be Ruby Tuesday’s strengths are the quality of customer service they offer and the salad bar option. Although the restaurant is one of my favorite I think that the lighting could be better and the pricing on the food can be lower. Overall Ruby Tuesday is a great restaurant as they are able to stand out by including the salad bar in casual dining.
As most restaurants do Ruby Tuesday is no different when it comes to making the menu editable. I love to try different foods when I go out with my family and it tends to be harder when all menu items look good. Like most restaurants Ruby Tuesday has pictures on the menu and they also have signature daily dishes. Implementing daily food items makes the restaurant meet fine dining expectations to be in the market of competition with restaurants like Arizona’s. Arizona’s is a very high end restaurant that have chefs that decide on daily menu items. With Ruby Tuesday picking up this as an option it is giving fine dining restaurants some competition because they have lower prices. The salad bar offered by Ruby Tuesday is an amazing experience as most restaurants serve salad with meals but you are able to prepare your own at Ruby Tuesday. The company has this to make the dining more personal as you can prepare your salad just the way you like it.
When a person thinks of Ruby Tuesday, he or she connects images of it to other restaurants offering fast food and others providing dine-in services. The individual recognizes Ruby
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Tuesday as a dine-in organization.…...