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Ruby Tuesday’s is a bar and grill style of a restaurant that was founded in 1972, by a 22 year old man named Sandy Beall, in Knoxville, TN (Our history). The concept of the first location that was opened in Knoxville had a strategy to be known as a comfortable and casual environment where guests could get quality food that tastes good (Our History). Over the past years different marketing strategies have come and gone for the business. Some strategies have worked in means of increasing sales and others didn’t work at all. In order to maximize profit and continue to bring in more revenue to the business a company has to know its place in the market. Conducting an analysis that involves the company knowing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will assist a company with important information that is needed to boost sales and gain a better presence in the market.

Target Market

Before conducting a SWOT Analysis, Ruby Tuesday would have to identify their Target Market. This is critical mainly because without this being known, they wouldn’t know what types of people are their current customers and they won’t know how to promote their business to bring in future customers. When it comes to their menu Ruby Tuesday has always tried to promote healthy recipes which means that their target market seems to aim for individuals 35 and up. Their current menu has a couple of dishes on there now that have the caption by them “Taste of the Islands”, which could be targeting people who are either from the Islands or people who love that type of food (Menu). Promoting freshness as they always have done from previous advertisements on TV and/or on billboards presents that idea that families in general could be their target market, especially since the food there isn’t that expensive. As soon as the target market is defined, then you are able to put together the SWOT…...