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Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony

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Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony; a Commemoration of Rugby’s Origin
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27 September 2015

Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony; a Commemoration of Rugby’s Origin “Ladies and gentlemen, I am greatly honored for being part of this colorful event where history will be made. We are all here to celebrate the opening ceremony of this beautiful landmark in world rugby. We have waited four years, but now we are just one hour away from the kickoff of the first match of the 2015 Rugby world cup in our iconic Twickenham stadium at the heart of England, the beautiful city of London. Wow, this is beautiful; I am standing in front of 81000 rugby fans, the biggest rugby stadium on earth. I assure every rugby fan that this world cup will offer breathtaking moments that will live in us forever. Heroes will be born, rivalries will emerge all in the name of glory, but only one country will emerge as victorious. This event is a place where athletes measure their strengths and abilities but a source of unity all over the world. The sport has brought in 20 of the best nations in the world to do battle for a chance of taking the beautiful Webb Ellis cup home. The rugby world cup and the world rugby organization, is against all forms of discrimination, from racism to gender discrimination, we stand firm and against this forms of discriminations. Who can forget in the year 1995 when Nelson Mandela handed the rugby trophy to Francois Pienaar after South Africa won the cup for the first time at Ellis Park, Johannesburg; he wore a springbok jersey urging the black community to support their team which only had one black player. (Carlin, 3) I urge you the fans to come out in numbers and show support to this players. Without the fans, this event would not even have taken place. There is...

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