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Rule Utiliterianism Perspective on Commercial Donation of Organs

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By analysing the possible legislation of selling the organs rule utiliterian will say that it is morally right.Firstly, introducing the law which will clearly state in which cases it is allowed to sell organs, keeping all human rights will produce higher utility overall. Recent research states legalization of organ sale should reduce social care costs for the long term, as medical treatments related to the care of those who need transportation will be reduced and also the quality of life will increase for the higher number of patients. This higher overall utility will be not only from the perspective of the one in need of organ, but also for the donor and for the families of both. As the article discusses some people may not donate the organ, just because of financial issues, therefore in case of payment this will cover their recovery cost, time of not working and also may increase the standards of living in certain cases. Rule utilitarianism forbids any practices, which are unjust or human rights are violated. As a result the black market will be regulated, so in contrast with act utilitarianism, the government will control the procedure to be legal and only allow it with the consent of donors.However, Dr Author Caplan ( as cited by Castillo,2013) argues that sale of organs puts more pressure on “poorest of the poor” who do it, which questions bridging the human rights in the context. At the same time , Ric E Bienstock (as cited by Castillo,2013) states that even if poverty is the motivation for those people, they still capable to make and educational consent. Bienstock also suggests that with regulated system there will be more awareness about the risks and require of proper medical control.

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