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Rules And Codes In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand the setting takes place in a city with strict rules and codes that remove the personality from each individual. These rules are considered “sins” and can be punished as harshly as death. Its purpose is to strip humans of their individuality and considers everyone to be a part of one whole. Words such as “I” and “mine” are forbidden because it goes against their code of collectivism and prevents the speaker to talk of their own self rather that they speak of their brothers. The people there are to only address themselves as “we” or use “our” instead. The citizens are not even allowed to pick their own jobs, rather which they study until the age of fifteen then be assigned their job by other people. These rules are put only to control the city as a whole and keep the past from reoccurring, protecting the whole group rather than the needs of each citizen. Their purpose is to help the people in charge have control of the people rather than assisting …show more content…
He has a knack for learning and discovery, wanting to take in as much as he can, because of this he goes against the law by secretly conducting various experiments and inventing different things, which ultimately leads to him fleeing his city after being caught. After leaving the city, he finds an old house from the “Forgotten Times”, as called in the short novel, and decides to start a society there with his wife, named Liberty or nicknamed the Golden One. Equality tells how his society will be the opposite of his old society, changing the whole structure around. There individuality would be taught, people would work for themselves, friends and spouses would be chosen, and everyone could choose their path in life. Selfishness would be promoted and wants will matter as much as needs. His new society would include none of the rules and restrictions that him and many others were

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