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Rumspringa In The Film Devil's Playground '

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Rumspringa is the time Amish children decide whether they want to be Amish or not. Rumspringa begins when the Amish turn 16 years old. Amish children tend to get real drunk on their 16 birthdays. In addition, some of them start to smoke during that period of their life. People tend to wonder how rumspringa encourage deviance, but in my opinion, when a young person decides to be disorderly and participate in deviant behavior they are making a choice of their own. When teenagers decide to take drugs, not follow the law, be violent or behave in ways that society do not approve of that can be classified as deviant. From the ages 16 and over, Amish children have to make a decision between following Jesus Christ or not because that’s know as an accountable …show more content…
In addition, Amish create their own clothes. For instance, in the film “Devils Playground” Faron mother made his clothes. Faron was one of the Amish children that were a part of the documentary. He started to take drugs and sell them during his period of Rumspringa. However, towards the ending of his experience he moved away from his family and was living a regular life with his girlfriend. They were living in the modern world and their lives were not revolved around the Amish society. I’m glad that Faron made the decision he did because he had a lot more in life to experience because during the beginning of his rumspringa he went through a lot. Faron ended up getting a job in a hospital, in which he was parking people cars for them. I wish he could of got a better job, but sadly, Amish children do not go pass the 8th grade, so at the age of 13 they stop going to school. Even though, I know in the modern world they could continue their education. However, one goal Amish have is to go to heaven. In my opinon, I hope Faron realizes he can still attend an oridinary church and live his life without having the mindset he will not going to heaven due to not living the Amish lifestyle. Usually, Amish parents and family disowned their children when they decide to live in the modern

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