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The Walk Workout Plan

Run Days:

*Run every other day

Week 1
Perform this workout four times on alternate days (M-W-TR-SAT for example).

• After warming up, run for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes – repeat 8 times or a total of 24 minutes. • Walk for 30-40 minutes on two other days and take one day completely off activity.
Week 2
Perform this workout four times on alternate days (M-W-TR-SAT for example).

• After warming up, run for 90 seconds, walk for 2 minutes – repeat 8 times or a total of 28 minutes. • Walk for 30-40 minutes on two other days and take one day completely off activity.
Week 3
Perform this workout four times on alternate days.

• After warming up, run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes; repeat seven times, or a total of 28 minutes. • Walk for 30-40 minutes on two other days and take one day completely off activity.
Week 4
Perform this workout four times on alternate days.

• After warming up, run for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute – repeat 7 times or a total of 28 minutes. After the 4 week training routine continue with this workout and swith off every other month.
|Week 1 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 25 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 60/120 x 4 |
|Week 2 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 30 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 60/120 x 5 |
|Week 3 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 30 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 90/120 x 4 |
|Week 4 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 30 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 90/120 x 5 |
|Week 5 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 35 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 120/180 x 4 |
|Week 6 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed |Day 2: 35 Minute Run/Jog |Day 3: 120/180 x 5 |
|Week 7 |Day 1: 2 Miles Timed...

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