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Immigration Benefits America 1. Topic: Clinton thought that immigration is beneficial for America to development their culture and economy. 2. The most important problem is that how can we strengthen our national community if we grow more diverse. Every immigrant has their duty to study, work and contribute to America.
Drawing Strength from Immigrants. 1. There are lots of immigrants in America, and they have to study a lot of different things in order to fit in America society. 2. Some Americas saw that the immigrants with suspicion, violence and discrimination, so they forced to take the literacy tests to keep them out of America. 3. With the times goes by, there are less races than other in a century.
Immigrants Are Good for America. 1. New immigrants are good for America because they developed the new economy. 2. Some examples to confirm that the immigrants study in America and get their job, so they made a great contribution for America.
The Spirit that Built America. 1. The immigrants’ spirit drove America to succeed because they have the same humanity with America. 2. Some Americans were afraid that their hometown becomes a foreign land, but it’s wrong, because every immigrant have their own rights to live I this society and they also have to follow the rules. 3. Majority of immigrants are here legally.
Sharing the Country. 1. The most important part is that the new immigrants can benefit the nation in some ways. 2. If we live in one place, we should treat others like a family although we have different color of skin. Everyone should share their country with others not shut them out.
The Responsibilities of an American. 1. If someone wants to be an American, he must believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and accept all the responsibilities as well as the rights,...

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