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Rural Marketing: a New Way to Tap the Rural Consumers in Present Scenario

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A Research paper
Rural marketing: A New Way to Tap The Rural Consumers In Present Scenario Name of Authors:- *Mr. Rajesh Rathore Research Scholar , Maharaja College of Management, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Corresponding Address:- Maharaja College of Management
Maharaja Educational Campus,
N.H.76, Airport Road, Debari,
Udaipur (Rajasthan) – 313024

E-mail:- Mobile No:- 07597868902

Rural marketing: A New Way to Tap The Rural Consumers In Present Scenario
*Mr. Rajesh Rathore Indian rural market consists of more than 740 million consumers and has wide potential for expansion. According to Census 2001, 73% of Indian population is living in rural areas. Though over the last three decades there has been a marginal reduction in the rural population expressed as a percentage of total population, there has been a steady growth in rural population in terms of absolute numbers and it has reached 74 crores. After the 1991 economic reforms there have been many changes in the socio, economic, political and cultural outlook of India. The rural India is providing a large consumer base to the marketers to market their products. This paper highlights the challenges of marketing communication for rural Indian consumers.
Over the past few years rural India has witnessed an increase in the buying power of consumers, accompanied by their desire to upgrade their standard of living. Host of projects, such as NREGA, ITC's echaupal, HLL's project Shakti, retail hubs like Kisan Sansar (Tata), Haryali Kisan Bazar (DMC), both from the government and the private companies, have changed the rules of the marketing game in rural India. The paper discusses the profile of the rural Indian…...

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