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Russel Simmons

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21st Century Leadership
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BUS 302 Management Concepts
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Mat 27th, 2016

Russell Simmons has three core leadership qualities that have helped him to become the successful CEO that he is. A common trait that most successful leaders often have is their commitment to accomplishing goals. Russell Simmons is widely known as the father of hip-hop, who embodies these qualities. Russell Simmons wears many hats and is involved in several different business ventures. He co-founded Def Jam Records which he made $100 million dollars by selling Def Jam to Universal Music Group. Then Simmons found the companies Argyleculture, American Classics, and Phat Farm. Russell Simmons is not just a business owner he is a successful author, who is most famously known for his bestselling book Do You! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success. One of the leadership qualities that Russell Simmons personifies is emotional intelligence. When Russell Simmons talks about working with executives and artist, he always emphasizes the importance of everyone being happy in the deal (Harvard Business Review). Simmons made it very clear that his business success comes from starting businesses based on needs that exist. Due to Russell Simmons being aware of the fact that a need exist is an accurate indicator of an emotionally intelligent leader. The second leadership quality that Russell Simmons has is a positive attitude. Russell Simmons believes and advocates that having a positive attitude, openness and a passion for wealth both material and spiritual are necessary qualities needed for success as an entrepreneur. Historically any interview Russell Simmons has done has always been transparent and uplifting (CNN). Russell Simmons contributes his success working with executives and artist to his...

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