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Russian Culture

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Russian Culture

When talking about the culture of Russia, using the ASCOPE method is an accurate approach to get an overview of what the culture consists of and the breakdown of the important factors. ASCOPE an abbreviation for: Area, which is the geographic location or territory of the country. Structures, is a physical location and function that can hinder a military operation: schools, government buildings, mosques and cemeteries. Capabilities, which refer to limitations of key personnel and civilian organization: Health, education and social status. These can also be measured by what they produce. Organization, are categorized by the positive or negative impact of the U.S mission. People, understanding the people are the most important in Counter Insurgency Operations. Learning the people and relating to the people will benefit the country by limiting the mistakes from misunderstandings and will guarantee more accomplished missions. Lastly is Events, which are the cultures religious traditions and holidays or any specific event that is cherished amongst the people (Miles). “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War). So, when looking at Russia it is important to take into consideration the aspects of ASCOPE, especially the people. Russia is located in northern Eurasia, and is considered to be the world’s largest country on the basis of territory. It spans over 17,075,200 kilometers and covers roughly one eighth of the planets land. It is also made up of different geographic areas that are diverse in climate as well as location. Permafrost is one of the regions and it is located in Siberia. This region is said to be all internal ice, naturally it has a very cold climate year-round. In contrary to the frozen Iceland that the first was on; the following two are located in grassland. These regions are Taiga…...

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