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Russia Military Notes
Russia’s army 1,200,000 (Brooman, Old Europe )
The third Largest military (Brooman, Old Europe)
Had many to recruit, as they had the largest population of over 159 Million(Brooman, Old Europe)
They couldn’t move around very effectively that even Germany had plans to attack France before the six weeks in which it would take for Russia to move their army from the east.(Duffy, firstworldwar)
They were far from there allies making there supply demands more complicated
Weakened by Japan (Smele, BBC)
“Masurian Lakes, in 1914, Russia lost two entire armies (over 250,000 men).” (Smele, BBC)
Lack of communication
“Most corps did not have working telephones due to lack of wire and consequently received orders hours too late.” (Murphy, Russia Military)
The Russian army did not influence the population very well because the Russian military, something so far apart from what was the day-to-day reality, did not have enough “movement”.
There was break out happening and Nicholas couldn’t do anything because
The Russian military was also occupied on the east side, since there defeat with japan (Smele, BBC)
Russia’s Navy 166 ships
Coasts were bad
Alliance - Britain and France
5th largest (24/7) Military now a days

1. The Russian army was the third largest army with 1,200,000 soldiers and 166 Ships. It was mostly made up of peasants and it had the potential to be the largest army with the population of 159 million. (Brooman, Old Europe )

2. The Russian army did not influence the country for one, it was barely considered a country for many of the Russians believed to be independent and spoke different languages. Also it is demonstrated how the military...

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