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Ryan Air Case

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Case 2: Ryanair


Case 2: Ryanair


Place: Leeuwarden
Date: 22th of December2011
Module: Strategic Management
Year: 3
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Table of content Preface 5 1. Summary of Ryanair 6 2. Problem statement 7 3. Corporate Strategy 8 3.1 Strategic development 8
3.1.1 Intended Strategy 8
3.1.2 Emergent Strategy 8
3.1.3 Strategic Lenses 8 4. Organizational Environment 9 4.1 PESTEL Framework 9 4.2 The Five Forces framework 12
5.2.1 The threat of entry 12
5.2.2 The threat of substitutes 12
5.2.3 The power of buyers 12
5.2.4 The power of suppliers 12
5.2.5 Competitive rivalry 13 5. Strategic capability 14 5.1 DuPont Analysis 14 5.2 Robustness 16 6. Competitive Strategy 18 7. Strategic Purpose 20 8. Business Economic Analysis 23
8.1 Liquidity 23
8.2 Solvability 23
8.3 Profitability 24
8.4 Efficiency 24 9. SWOT analysis 25 9.1 SWOT of Ryanair 25
9.1.1 Strengths 26
9.1.2 Weakness 26
9.1.3 Opportunities 26
9.1.3 Threats 26 10. TOWS Analysis 27 11. Alternative courses of action 28 12. Decision and Reasoning 29 9.1 Top 2 Alternatives 29 13. Implementation 30 Literature 31 Figure list 33


The following report is written on behalf of the module Strategic Management, by students of Leisure Management. The case to write this report is “Ryanair” and the strategies that were used to become the biggest airline of the world. Ryanair is the first low-fare airline company of its kind and their unique strategy make it possible for costumers to fly for the lowest prices.

The aim of this report is to analyze the current situation of Ryanair and what problems they have to deal with. To do so there were several models used to analyze those situations.

The report…...

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