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Congratulations on getting through the first stage of our recruitment process. Please read the following information which tells you more about the position you have applied for. 1) The contract we will be offering to you is a temporary contract of 12hrs. a week. You will be expected to be able to flex up your hours based on your availability and the needs of the business, especially flexing up your hours for our busiest peak weeks. 2) The rate of pay will be £6.54 per hour. 3) If successful you will start work week commencing 26th October and your contract will end in the first week of January. 4) You must attend our Go Live training which will be a one day course, dates to be confirmed. 5) Your availability to work must be satisfactory for the needs of our business to be able to offer you a position within Dixons Carphone. (Please find attached form for your availability). Please note that evenings and weekends are our busiest periods. 6) All colleagues are required to work over the Christmas period which will include Boxing Day and may include New Year as well. 7) You will be provided a uniform. 8) You are paid every four weeks and any hours over your contract is paid 2 weeks in arrears.
I hope that this has answered any questions you may have and also clarifies any working arrangements before we commence the next stage of the recruitment process. Please note although this is for a peak temporary contract we may have positions available after peak. Please can you confirm that you have read the above by placing a cross in the box below.

I have read and understand the above points and would like to continue my application.
I have filled in my availability form

Please attach both this form and your availability form and send back both forms by reply email. I would ask that this is completed and returned by end of 17th October as I would like to commence interviews next week.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response
Nick Mills
People Manager Medway Curry’s Store.

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